Makuri Island Update

Recently Zwift has added to Makuri Island the sound of a loud dog barking during THE. WHOLE. RIDE. THROUGH. THE. VILLAGE. Really, Zwift??? How about cutting the volume or making very play only briefly or just dump this entirely? I don’t like hearing dogs barking at me during my rides outdoors, why would I want this in my indoor rides?

Turn off the game sound if you don’t like to hear the cute, adorable, fluffy, dogs. :star::dog:


I never used zwift game songs :rofl:
It’s better to discuss with friends on discord

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@Darren_Conrad - Weirdest thing is the sound of army helicopters and police whistles. And not just a dog, vicious barking, not cute.

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Exactly. It sounds like a large mean dog that hopefully won’t get loose and give chase!

That would be kinda fun if you had a dog chasing you, it would make your watts go crazy :sweat_smile:


It’s actually terrifying in real life, when the dog is large, fast, and intent on clamping on your calf. Be thankful that you haven’t experienced it.

Yeah, my Doberman will chase anyone with donuts. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::woozy_face::sweat_smile: it’s not a “I’m gonna kill you” bark but a “You better give me those donuts!” bark.

Happened to you? :persevere:

A long time ago and I got off lucky, but yes. Fully-loaded touring in a rural part of France. Big, angry, barking dog with more speed than me going up hill. Not something I ever want to experience again, nor be reminded of when riding in Zwift. (But I guess it’s somewhat moot as I tend to ride without Zwift audio in my ears these days.)


Yikes! Too scary. I guess I will have to kill the sound on Zwift when riding Makuri Island also. It’s a shame because I enjoy most of the other ambient sounds but having a large mean dog barking nonstop through the village isn’t enjoyable at all.

FWIW - I noticed that if the village is on your left, the dog barking is left speaker.
If the village is on your right, right speaker.
So, the “3D” sounds are working.
Annoying, but working.

Yes, a totally cool feature but overdone in some cases. Because the dog barking doesn’t get softer as you move past it but stays the same volume throughout the village. Unless it’s chasing me!!!


You think, “is it just me or is the barking getting louder?” :joy:

It’s really loud on the Makuri home screen.

Holddd up! Hold ya horses! :racehorse::face_with_raised_eyebrow: or horse… plural? Huh?!

I know I know, your probably thinking, “Why is she posting yet AGAIN?”

Well, I just reread through what you said, but isn’t there SOME route that doesn’t go through the villages? I might be mistaken?

And of course feel free to correct me if I’m wrong anyone please!! I like being right coz left is a cliff. :triumph:

Couldn’t agree more, the makuri dog barking is excessive and obnoxious! Tone it down please!!! Or better yet stop it altogether! It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED


People actually have the sounds turned on??


Not while riding Makuri Island any longer! This also goes for the OBNOXIOUS horn sounds from the spectators on the France routes :open_mouth:


I have all sounds off and just rock out to some quality music that Zwift can’t compete with. Honestly until an update resets the settings, I forget the game has sound most times.

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