Sound levels

Perhaps you could create a .cfg file with links to variables controlling individual sound files(?). Sounds like cobblestones are deafening while you can barely hear ambience sounds. I love Zwift but this issue really stinks. Easiest way to give users control over their sounds lay in the cfg file. Either that or create a proper GUI for this.


Have you checked the equalizer settings on your computer? We could certainly look into further tweaks to sound levels beyond the two sliders that we have currently, but I can say this is definitely not a common sentiment which makes me wonder if it might be something on your end that is boosting certain equalizer ranges.

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Yeah the cobbles are loud if you’re in a group ride. Doesn’t bother me and I think it mimics the real world pretty well.

heh- no, equalizer have no influence on it - cobbles and waterfall is WERY loud on watopia ( u know this place) - even if u ride alone - its like thunder relative to all other sounds…