Sound - again

(Marc Gander) #1

I’ve looked through and I’ve seen some people asking about sound. The response I have seen is to alter sound levels by using the Windows sound controls.

However, some of us want to listen to different sound – or even radio through their computer. If we turn the Zwift sound down or off with Windows controls then we can’t listen to anything else that comes through the computer – including Skype if we want to talk with somebody else who is also riding.

Surely it is pretty basic that one ought to be able to control the Zwift sound directly.

(Will Ernst) #2

Until Zwift has sound configuration you absolutely can do this manually.  When you open the sound control in Windows, click the Mixer label at the bottom.  This will pull up a per-app mixer that will allow you to reduce just Zwift.

I know this is in Win7+ but it’s been too long since XP and I don’t know if it’s there.

(Marc Gander) #3

I think that this controls all of windows sound through the speakers

(Will Ernst) #4

Yes, that slider is the master/global setting.  You need to click the indicated Mixer link.

(Marc Gander) #5

I’ll try it.  However, it’s not satisfactory.  Once you have started the game, you can’t get to the task bar so that it is not easy to do.

Simply controlling it from the Zwift screen would be much easier

(. Romanas Team LT) #6

I’m also looking forward to see this feature soon. Game definitely need the sound controls. Thanks!


(Scott) #7

And now you can control both Game Sound Volume and 3D World Volume separately from last week’s release :slight_smile:

(Marc Gander) #8

Well done.  Thanks.

Now I will have to go and find another gripe.  Can’t think of one yet - but I’ll come up with one, I promise.


Any news on compatibility with Elite Real Muin?