No Sounds on Zwift

Hi All, Im having an issue where I got no sounds from zwift at all. No menu music, no sound effects or in game sound at all.
I have fresh installed twice but no change.
I also deleted my zwift preferences and reinstalled…
All settings are set at max in the menu.
Any Suggestions?
Cheers Si

At the risk of asking a stupid question…

Does your device make noises using anything else? What platform?

yes all other system sounds such as notifications, OBS, mic, spotify all make sounds
I again did a fresh install and removed all folders from C;Drive before re-downloading an updating zwift… My minds blown, cant figure this one out

windows 10

is the volume mixer showing it as muted?

Actually doesnt even appear in the volume mixer or in the apps sound settings on system settings…

Right now the app is showing in the mixer but still no sound. I have checked the zwift files and it appears WEM and BNK files are in the audio folders… but still no sound.

if its not muted in the mixer have a look under settings - sound - advanced sound options and see what zwift is showing there

could it be that you have multiple sound outputs and its configued to use the none default one?

Fixed. eventually got the app to show in device preference following windows and bios update. and then managed to select correct output device. Thanks anyway for your patience

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bios update seem a little drastic! at least its sorted