Zwift on win 10: sound disappears as soon as zwift has started

it’s repeatable:
normal sound in any prg / app except Zwift
start Zwift → no sound and also no more in any other app
re-boot and start any prg / app → sound
and again

pls help - miss the birds and the chatter on the sidelines :frowning:

I’ve found that Zwift can “fight” some apps for sound. I’m not sure why but if I have any other app running (such as Spotify for music) then I get the “notification” sounds in Zwift (i.e. ride-ons etc) but not the “environmental” sounds (birds, traffic noise etc).

Is that the same as what you’re describing? Or do you not even get the environmental sounds either?

(I’m on ipad/iPadOS)


Are you running in Windowed mode or full screen?

Secondly are you running multiple monitors?

Hi Stuart,

Zwift runs in full mode, no 2nd monitor connected.

Hi D.A.,

good observation but I have no other app running when I use Zwift.
There’s virtually no sound at all.

Did you click on the speaker icon in the task bar and change the sound device?

On that same icon (right click) did you look at the Volume mixer with and without Zwift.

Yes thank you, Gerrit, I did all that. Actually, when I sit on the bike and Zwift is running, nothing else is connected. Therefore, only the inbuild speaker (Realkek (R) Audio) is available. And as described earlier, without changing anything in the sound config after reboot, any other app / prg has sound which stops as soon as Zwift is running.

What do you mean by this Benjamin? You get some sound effects and not others (at full volume)? Or you get all sound effects but at a low/barely audible volume?

D.A., what I mean is no sound at all, independent from the volume.