Sound Issue?

What is the in ride sound supposed to be? For me, it is almost a garbled static. At first I thought it was supposed to be a wind sound but it exists regardless of weather I am stopped or riding. If helpful, I could probably record the sound I am hearing and upload to YouTube or something if I am supposed to be hearing more than a staticy sound. Also, I am running Zwift on a MacBook with Windows 7 installed via Bootcamp. Sound works (I can play Pandora with no issues) so it shouldn’t be a driver issue.

Regardless, it would be nice to mute the app sounds. Yes, I know about the ability to control the sound in Windows, but a simple button in the software would be nice.

Im also running into static - its only in the background and general sounds is still working.

(Im also running on high spec. MBP retina, with Windows 10 Beta… and yes, i’m aware that that makes me a beta-beta…)

Hi Kevin it’d be really helpful to have a video. You could record it with your phone and simply attach it to an email into our support desk, or do youtube. I’ve never actually seen or heard this bug in action.

Both a config screen and a native mac version are in the works.

Since logging the issue, I haven’t experienced it again. If it does come back, I’ll capture a video.

I’m getting this garbled static noise sound after maybe 30 seconds. It’s like background noise getting added - over and over and over.

wait…there’s supposed to be sound in the app? I’ve never heard anything whatsoever. I’m running on genuine windows 7 professional on genuine AMD-based hardware with a USB sound card plugged in that generates all the normal windows sounds just fine.