Sounds - should be off but still getting some

I was using Zwift today. Had music on my PC too - then all of a sudden I get this roaring sort of sound (wind?). I’m assuming it was coming from Zwift as that and the Spotify were the only programs running. 

Anyway, I checked the settings and both volumes were set to 0. 

Any ideas?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for writing in! This is a current issue and will be fixed in the next update. Sorry about that!

OK. Thanks for the speedy reply.


I disabled all sounds in Zwift, indeed in the Windows Volume Mixer I disabled the speakers for all apps except Spotify and I am still getting that  “sort of wind noise”  in my Spotify music when Zwift is running. If Zwift is not running I don’t hear any interference with Spotify.

When will it be resolved ? It is a bad experience to hear music with that interference.