Volume of the App on Iphone

Hi, downloaded the app, everything working fine, the pod working etc. However, is there any sounds with zwift? I am hearing nothing when I am on a run. I thought there might be music or other sounds but its complete silence. I have checked my settings and all the volumes are set at max - any ideas or comments?

I’ve got exactly the same problem (but for cycling). Even deleted the app and re-installed and still got the same issue. Also tried on another phone in case it was a phone issue but still the same! Submitted problem to Zwift embassadors but no suggestions that worked!

I found my solution, I had my phone on silent mode (that slide switch at the side of the phone) as soon as I turned silent mode off it started to work! Let me know how you get on :+1:

That’s it! Tried every other sound setting previously! Cheers. :+1:

Nice one :wink::+1: