Problem with login to Zwift via German Telekom

This is really good example, but doesnt fit here at all. Maybe you didn’t get the point. We don’t want open a VPN Tunnel to South America to use Zwift with a modified DNS encrypting the connection to Russia an back. We, the paying user, just want to use Zwift, as sold to us. Imagine, the german Telekom sells you a DSL line. You pay for it, and the first day you want to use it, you realize it is not working properly. You call the support and they tell you, that on their side everything is fine, you have to go on the roof with the router in your left hand, than it should work, its your fault you’re not on the roof. Sufferfest or other biking apps work fine so don’t bother us with these nice examples please :wink:

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I paid Telekom a sh!tton of money over the years, I guess you did too.
So I expect that I can access the Internet worldwide.
But they don’t deliver. Vodafone and ony other provider in the world can.
No german user has zwift-problems, only Telekom-users.

Imagine you are Zwift and operate a global platform during a global pandemic where your company is forced to keep workers at home since it is non-essential. When things go wrong you are always the first to be blamed, your support staff have to troubleshoot issues across all devices, platforms, trainers, sensors, protocols, and now ISP’s. Regardless of where the blame should lie, Zwift bears the load of all these other companies and their customers support problems.

Give them a break!

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Imagine you were born in North Korea.
You don’t have Internet.
You have an old bike and a trainer and an old Computer.
You want to try Zwift, but you have no Internet.

Of course this is Zwifts fault and you blame Zwift for that. :rofl:


Whatever…so be happy with Zwifting via VPN :+1:

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I have a problem with people rushing to take sides for a service they like. The point is, you do not know, who is responsible for this issue. As I have mentioned above there are other services involved like Cloudfront and AWS - Zwift is a customer of these services.

For us as Zwift customers, it is legitimate to expect that Zwift quickly investigate the issue and inform us about what the reason for the problem is and who is responsible for it.

So far, the Zwift has not done so, and as a customer, you are accordingly annoyed - it is as simple as that.


All I want to say is that
They don’t really care about us


Very true Erik and absolutely correct. People did not get the point. If I want to join Zwift, and before I get a paying customer, there is a disclaimer on the website saying „if you are a german customer and you use the largest german ISP, unfortunately you are not able to use our services“ , than I am fine with that, than I know, it won’t work, and I am able to look for a different app. But they let you pay 15€, and if it dosnt work for thousands of people, than its our problem? Sorry but this is not my world, this is the reason why we are here where we are. Sad.


Yes, those issues need open communication with the customers and a quick feedback - I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Even if you got no solution yet, it is good style to inform the community about the current status

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The Point is Telekom is saying eveything is working fine, ask zwift.
Zwift is saying everything is working fine, ask Telekom.

Nobody wants to take the responsibility. Maybe it is because Telekom wants money to get a better peering with Telia Carrier Network, yes.

But as a Service Provider (Zwift) who earns money with the people who has issues with only their Application, it should be in Zwifts interest to find a solution, no?

It isnt a big deal to fire up another instance in AWS. You could use technologies to connect the users to the closest AWS instance, or you could implement kind of server selection. so there ARE solutions zwift could use to optimize this for their customers. You earn a lot of money, invest it in your reputation…


Can you do a to the “Atlantic metro Los Angeles CA” server?

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Ich bin Kunde bei 1 & 1 und habe das gleiche Problem.

Ab circa 1700 Uhr kann ich mich nicht einloggen.

DSL Internet ist aber stabil und schnell, daran kann es nicht liegen.

Zwift reagiert nicht.

1&1 = Reseller der Deutschen Telekom.
So wie auch GMX, Congstar und viele andere.

Vorsicht David, Ben wird dir gleich erzählen, dass es an Nordkorea liegt. Vielleicht ist ja mittlerweile Trump schuld wer weiss. Am Besten du nutzt VPN wie Ben… lol


“If” indeed. One word: Funkloch.

Dann funktionierts wenigstens :wink:
Oder halt RGT Cycling nutzen.

Typisch Deutsch: Die Helfer behindern und auslachen.

Niemand behindert dich. Ich lache dich nicht aus, ich lache mit dir. Merkst du nicht, dass Hunderte, wahrscheinlich Tausende diesen Dienst nicht nutzen können wofür sie bezahlen? Wir, du, sollen uns Workarounds ausdenken? Bitte denk doch mal nach. Sollen deiner Meinung nach alle die Telekom nutzen, jetzt einen VPN Tunnel aufbauen und weiter 15€ im Monat zahlen? Also ich bestimmt nicht. Mich ärgert sowas einfach, weil uns diese Internetfirmen einfach so verarschen können und du nichts dagegen tun kannst. Verstehst du es jetzt?