Cannot login to Zwift NOW

Is anyone experiencing the same?

Tried to restart router, another PC everything.

I am pretty confident you cannot handle the load

Zwift servers can handle up to about 50,000 concurrent users and it’s no where close to that at the moment. If it did get above 50,000 it would just be a degradation of performance.

Most like the issue is at your ISP (a routing issue). You may have good internet speed and get to other sites, but are unable to log into Zwift.

And this show all green:

Me neither, I’ve got a message saying “You’re connected in but there’s no roads to ride, please try again later…”

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Me neither, tried two devices

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After spending an hour trying to login…
Now most of the riders have no names :confused:


excactly same issue here
started sunday with riders having no names and slow reacting app on apple tv
yesterday really slow app and today i lost a run when trying to save it and now cannot login again either with apple tv or PC app
internet is perfect with 500/500 speed

It’s an issue with your ISP.

Same issue here… logged in but no road available. Damn!

Status show green… i opened a ticket.

An option that Zwift support may give you to resolve the issue is to use a VPN. I would guess that you are only going to get a canned response from Zwift Support since they are swamped at the moment.

You guys are not the first to experience this over the last month. It is due to your ISP or the owner of the internet backbone having routing issues (my guess is throttling of some type).

Same here, no roads to ride. We are all hardly on the same IPS

not accepting that answer sorry
i havent seen issues for 2 years and suddenly from day to day the issue appears
so no i dont buy that one sorry
but might be something with big internet loads at the moment

Even if it’s the correct answer.

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Same here, cannot login. I tried logging in via mobile data and home internet connection, no luck!

I have the same issue with login. Everything others work as expected.

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I had same issue i did a 53 km ride and didnt upload to strava anyway i could retrieve this ride?

Agree with Frank, not accepting that excuse either

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well first of all noone knows what ISP is unless youre an IT tech guy
and im not going to suddenly switch all kind off routersettings to see if something helps
everything has been working perfect for 2 years untill 3 days ago so ill just wait and see
still think this is a zwift serverissue and not locally

I just logged in, I live in the US, surrounded by other Zwifters in Yorkshire. So, for the 29,000 others who are currently on Zwift there is no problem logging in. This is an issue with your ISP not communicating with Zwift or throttling your connection due to the massive increase in traffic. Blame it on COVID-19 I guess…

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i jsut reinstalled my apple tv with no luck (still slow as ■■■■ and freezing up)
now tryed to reinstall the app on my pc which made me login okay but also slowmotion on that peoples names disapearing and nametags above peoples heads getting black and sporadicly everyone switch to standard zwift kit and then back again
and again i have never ever seen this kind of issues before

ISP=Internet Service Provider

This issue has popped up from time to time due to the increase in home user during the time of COVID-19.

Zwift is not having any server issues at the moment.