Previously completed workout in training plan showing incomplete next session [SOLVED]

We’ve had several members write in about an issue where a workout that was completed in a training plan is showing as incomplete the next time they return that that plan.

Reports indicate this affects the Uphill Battle workout and Escalation workout, possibly others. If you experienced this elsewhere, please let us know.

You can click “I did this workout” the next time you check the training plan progress bar, and you will get full credit.

We are investigating this issue for resolution in an upcoming release.


Workouts in 6wk FTP builder plan are also showing as incomplete after updating zwift two days ago. I marked the last tempo workout completed with ”I did it” but the foundation workout before that disappeared completely. I can see them both done in my rides in companion app.


Yes I have had this issue. I am doing “build me up” and I have completed the work out exemplar on 26/02/21 and today 27/02/21 serrated and they both show as not done, can I click on the “done outside” so they show as done.? It’s a bit annoying as I’ve not missed any of the set workouts.
Any help will be appreciated.


I’m having this issue in the Gran Fondo plan. I completed ‘Make a Break For It’ on Feb 25 which didn’t show as completed in my training plan afterwards, so I clicked ‘I Did It’. Today I completed ‘Long Ride Spiked Base Progressive VO2’ which shows in my activity list but has actually now disappeared from my training plan so I’m not even able to manually check it off.


It also affects „TT Tune-Up“, see

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I have seen this issue on the 6wk Beginner FTP Builder using iPad since yesterday (26th Feb)


This affected me on Dirt Destroyer today, and Build Me Up previously. The issue with the workaround is no stars can be given.

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I am also doing FTP training week 4. I rode Monday, Tues, Friday, and 2 workouts today. My “activities” show I’ve done all 5 workouts since Monday, but the training plan shows I’ve only done 2, plus one that still needs to be done (which I did Friday). Additionally only 3 total rides even available for the week, which is also wrong.

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The same with Build Me Up: Mosaic and Kirizuma. This happened on the same day (2021-02-27) on twój different account (my and my wife’s). Another symptom was that for me (Mosaic) after completion in Companion app the activity was visible OK, then I sent to Training Plan and there there was totally NO Mosaic workout in the Plan (this week showed 3 workouts instead of 4 it showed preciously). So I logged back to Zwift and it showed that I have due 2 workouts (incl. Mosaic). I turned off the Zwift and came back to Companion. Mosaic was again shown in the Training Plan but as due to be done…


Build Me Up workouts. All was fine. Week 6. C.A., Uphill Battle and Attack workouts all completed. Appear fine on companion. Not registering on Zwift summary. Wahoo kickr v5, Apple TV 4K. Will try workout through PC today instead. Come on Zwift!


I have the same issue with 2 training in the build me up trainings plan week 10.
Work around worked. Trainings are now marked as “done outside”
But I just found out the week 10 training Serrated, which I finished Saturday is no longer part of week 10 (build me up)
Just after I finished the training it was still part of week 10


Same issue here running the “Build Me Up” plan.
Another error in the same are is the you cannot pick next training in the plans when you are already in the game. Has to be done when entering it/at the start plan dialogue.


It’s happening to me also on the Gravel Grinder training plan since the latest Zwift update. I’m 8 weeks into into the 12 week plan, but my last two workouts haven’t registered as completed on my daily plan, but do appear as completed in my activities tab in the Companion App. Strange!


Same issue in the 3 Run 13.1 running plan.
It is happening to me since last Friday, even though when I have not updated the app. However, I updated it on Friday night and had the same issue Saturday morning.

The workaround it is not a good alternative solution because I lost all the marks (time, pace, etc) for the adjusting of the next training sessions. I am really disappointed with this. I really hope Zwift finds a solution asap.

The other issue I began to have at the same time, is that I am not able to see the name of other runners or riders around me. Neither the outfits, all of them appear with the orange basic Zwift stuff.

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Happened to me yesterday on Back to Fitness workout series. Up and Down was completed yesterday but still showing as not yet done. All data has uploaded to Strava as Up and Down without the “Back to Fitness” prefix. Off to figure out how to complete it manually.

I have the same issue with my last two workouts in the 6 weeks FTP builder.

What’s next?

Build me up week 10 “Serrated” is now back in the list.
I Marked it complete manually as workaround.
Now 3 out of 5 week 10 trainings are manually marked as complete, as they are not automatically marked complete after finishing them.
No stars are registered. But the activity overviews is showing the correct number of completed training segments (stars) .
Very frustrating and not motivating at all.
What will week 11 bring.
:grimacing: :disappointed_relieved:

Same issues here. Completed Devedset and Red Unicorn as part of week 1. Neither are showing as completed in the plan.

iPad pro, w/Android companion app, 2018 Kickr.

That last update by Zwift was crap. Two FTP workouts complete both now showing incomplete. It’s not the only issue either. Trying to get zwift to work on a w10 laptop it took 45 minutes to load and was consuming 2gb of memory and just hung.

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I’m having a twist on this problem – activities show that I completed Serrated as part of week 10 of Build Me Up. Neither the training plan summary in Companion or “View Entire Workout” on the ios zwift app show that Serrated is even part of the training plan!