Completed a workout in FTP Builder plan


I just completed a workout in FTP Builder plan (Prep 1) but nothing was added into DISTANCE, DURATION, ENERGY categories. See attached pictures.

Can somebody help me please with this issue!


Hi @_o_Ckibunenko ,

Welcome to the Forums! Does your ride show up in Activities? It might be this:
I am having the same or similar problem I think. I am using an AppleTV and it looks like it might be an iOS issue. Hope this helps!

Hi @Beth_Klawun,

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

My ride is present in Activities. I also got checkmark sign on both Workout section and Plan progress, respectively.

I recorder this workout using iPad.

However TOTALS fields are blank on both of those sections.

Here is this workout on Activities page:

I am having the same or a similar problem with my training activities. I use an iPhone (running the Companion app) and iPad (running the actual game app). When I open Zwift on my iPad it prompts me to do the workout activity. After accepting and completing the activity everything looks fine. I get the completion screen and it saves in my activity feed. But when I go back later and view it on my iPhone Companion app, it shows as still waiting to be completed. When going back in to Zwift on my iPad it shows as not done. I can tap the “I did it” link but then it thinks I did it on my bike outside rather than the indoor trainer I actually used. It marks that training activity as completed, but like the previous posts above, there is no data for distance, time, etc. The first few sessions were fine but everything after that has no data. Very frustrating.


Hi @_o_Ckibunenko and @Jeremy_Harrison ,

It looks like we are all having the same issue. Hopefully since they are aware of it, it will be fixed in the next go around.

Ride On!

Hi @Jeremy_Harrison and @Beth_Klawun ,

I did another workout from FTP Builder plan today and had the same issue as you two. This time I did not use Companion app.

Next workout I plan to do via my PC with ANT+ and I will report the results here :slight_smile:



I uninstalled Zwift from my iPhone and my MacBook and now I have Zwift only on iPad and on PC. I kept Zwift Companion App on iPhone though.

I started a new Workout Plan - FTP Builder today on my PC and finished first workout and everything went well. Pictures:

After that I uninstalled Zwift from iPad also and installed it again. Then I login to Zwift on my iPad and everything was great also:

D day will be my next workout that I plan to do on Wednesday via iPad.

I will post here what happened.


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Bad news. I did second workout from FTP Builder today on iPad and everything went south:


Yeah same. I completed one course and I’m now on a second with the same problem. And I see exactly what you are seeing. When I go in to the course to view the activity after I complete it, it has a blank space where the activity should be in the order of the course. Closing and reopening the app makes the activity reappear but it doesn’t see that I’ve done it. So I have to hit “I did it” and it thinks it was done outside. There should be a simply way to point to the activity in my feed and tell it, “Hey, it’s right here, use this info…”

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I rode today my 3rd workout for this week and everything was great! It seems to me that new Zwift update solve this problem and that workout naming was the main issue here. Two workouts, before and after update: 6wk Beginner FTP Builder Week 1 Strength vs. FTP Builder - Tempo. Shorter name seems to solve this problem.

Same here. My Friday workout had a different screen appearing at the end that captured all the details of the rides. The results were saved successfully in my workout plan. Good work Zwift dev team!

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