Workouts Not Crediting

Has anyone else had issues with completed Workouts Not Crediting since the latest Zwift and Companion App update?
I’m most of the way through the Gravel Grinder Training plan, but since the update, my training plan wants me to do the latest workouts again, registering them as uncompleted, even though my activities tab show I have already done them and they have appeared in Strava and Training Peaks.

See Previously completed workout in training plan showing incomplete next session [SOLVED]

Yes same issue but only after Apple TV update last week. Week 8 workout 2 (actually did twice trying to get credit) and now week 9 workout 1.

Companion app update to 3.22.1 actually fixed my Bluetooth issues

Yes, exact reason why I jumped on the Forums is to see if this was a known issue. My workouts are not crediting either. A day or two after a workout they show back up as not completed. A little frustrating!

I had the same and messaged Zwift who said they’re aware of it and trying to fix it:

At this time, we’re aware of this known issue.

While we’re currently working on fixing it—please check this article ​​​​​ periodically for updates. The fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.

We appreciate your patience while we get this sorted out.

Yes, same thing here. I got kicked out mid race in tuesdays TTT, then did a workout (Lox) instead. On wednesday , that workout had disappeared from my ZC list but it did show in activities.
Last night i went to do the next workout (Giza) and Zwift was showing the previous one (Lox) still available to do.
I marked Lox as complete but now last nights w/out had disappeared as well. I fear that i’m stuck in a loop. What is Zwift doing about this?

Same exact thing has happened to me. Did a workout on Tuesday, showed up in my activities, but was showing as not completed in my training plan the next day, marked it as completed. Then I did a different workout last night, it showed up in my activities, but now it has completely disappeared from my training plan. Hopefully Zwift resolves this soon, very frustrating after you spend all that time sweating away and then have issues like this.

I’ve also noticed on AppleTV the completed workouts appear as blank areas on the screen.


(The number of workouts is also wrong for the week. Build Me Up has 5 workouts in week 6, but only 3 dots are appearing)

On my PC they appear as they should (just not marked as complete)

I’ve marked the ones I’ve done as per the suggested workaround, however one other pain is that previously the activities would include the name of the plan e.g. “Build Me Up - Attack!” now they just say “Attack!” so when they get synced with Strava I am having to go and change the names so the future me can remember what training plan that activity was from. (I’m less bothered on Zwift)

Same issue with my last 2 TT tune up workouts . No accreditation on the plan despite finishing both .

All: this bug has been fixed in game version 1.11.0 that released today.

Please update your game app, especially for those on iOS / Apple TV / Android

This is brilliant, thank you so much for addressing this issue. All is working well again.