Losing completed workouts in Training Plan on Companion

My last two workouts have disappeared from the Training Plan tracker on the Zwift Android Companion App.

I did the 4th workout (Red Unicorn) in Week 1, and the 1st workout in in Week 2 (What Goes Up, Must Come Down), they are both there in my activities, but are no longer included in the Training Plan on Android, nor marked as completed, just disappeared after I complete the workout.

I wish we weren’t all beta testers for Zwift, I expect more from a product I have been paying for monthly for over two years…

I’m having the same problem in IOS

Happened again today with the Mismash workout. Shows up in the training plan when I open the app, I select it and completed it. It shows up in my activities as completed. It disappears from my training plan until the next time I open the app and select a workout. When it shows back up, it doesn’t register as having been completed so I mark it as “done outside”.

My problem is slightly different in that the completed workouts just disappear. In the training plan on Apple TV, completed workouts are just blank spaces (i.e. not uncompleted, just gone), on my Android companion app they are just missing completely.

I selected a new workout this weekend and go going, but for some reason the workout didn’t start, tried to select it again and selected a different workout by accident, the prior one had disappeared, so I was never able to do that first workout. I’m not sure why I should be paying full price for a flawed update to Zwift…

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Same is true for me - since last week, trainings done just disappear (no longer highlighted as done). Companion on iOS - really frustrated with that!!!

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Same problem, but they show back up the next day as not completed!