Workout Plan, missing credit

Same issue but on week 9 of a different workout plan. (Back to fitness) week 8 workout 1 recorded fine workout 2 I have now completed twice. Still have to flag it as “I did it” which says outside. Week 9 workout 1 same just completed tonight. Goes missing and this is what appears on screen!

Hope image loads. Basically a huge white block in place of where the workout would sit.

I also had Bluetooth connectivity issues. Those appear to have resolved with companion 3.22.1

I met same issue like you, it started by last Friday. I can see all of workout results from activity feed, But the credits can’t show up in workout plan and just like you, got blank area after I selected it from workout plan

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Same issue here.

Apple TV 4k
Zwift Version 1.0.63186

@Seth_Steen The bug seems to be that workouts completed after the latest app update are not being credited in the workout plan. I started encountering this on Friday (Feb 26). I’m using an Apple TV 4k and the app had auto-updated the day before that. So it would seem that this issue was likely introduced in this latest update.

I had been working through the FTP Builder program for 4 weeks up until that point with no issue. I completed a workout on Friday. Then I logged in on Sunday and I observed the same issue as what is described by the others here. The app wanted to make me do that workout again. There was no credit for it within the workout plan (that blank space appeared as indicated by @Jack_L).

I was able to click on that blank space. This enumerated the correct workout that would have corresponded with that space and I was then able to manually click the check-box in order to complete it and access the next workout. I then went on to seemingly complete that next workout. But upon logging in Monday, there was now no credit from that Sunday workout, and I had to go back and check that one off manually. So this issue appears to be ongoing.

This issue also appears to be the same referenced in issue 539024 from this forum (it seems I’m unable to actually embed the link to it in this post :frowning:)

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Same issue here - I’m working on ‘build me up plan’ and the last two rides are showing in my companion but not registering as done on the plan. How do I sort this out?!

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See Previously completed workout in training plan showing incomplete next session [SOLVED]