Workout plan not giving credit

I’m doing the 5k record plan over 8 weeks, just started. I have completed all the workouts, but haven’t received credit for the two hills workouts. Is this a bug? I’m getting credit for everything else.


I’ve noticed some issues this week on week 3 of the HM plan with two of my runs not being picked up in the plan but are there in my activity - I think maybe a bug following an update?

Just started same HM plan and having same issues

Yes, I am having the same problem. It has happened since I updated the App, could this be to do with it?

Same problem on FTP builder last two workouts showing expired and not recorded!

Same problem for me - Built me up training

Me too! Half-marathon :confused:

I have the same issue when cycling (Singletrack Slayer). It did not count three workouts during the last two weeks.

Just canceled the plan.

Seems to be another Zwift Software Bug, see the discussion in the general forum:
Training plan build me up not capturing workouts after completion.

Workaround: click „I did it“ on the workout overview page and hope the next update will fix it.