Training Plan (Build Me Up) not capturing workouts after completion?

Same issue here. Doing the build me up plan and last 4 workouts, since Friday 26th feb, I’ve had to manually mark as complete when I next log in. Workouts were cucumber, circus, malevolent and mosaic. Using iPad 8th generation running Zwift version #1.0.63186.
As others have said when saving ride name does not have Build me up in the title but Zwift instead. Manually changed but made no difference.
Now in week 8 of the plan which I’m doing over 10 weeks and this is annoying.
Mosaic, which I rode this morning, isn’t even showing in my plan now so can’t even mark that as complete. It’s just a white space where it should be.

Doesn’t make any difference to the work I’m doing but it’s inconvenient

Same issue for me and my wife in different accounts.
Both doing BMU and it’s not showing completed rides although we can see them in the activities log. The problem started this week.
For info we both use iPhone 11 Pro’s.
I have raised an issue and sent the usage logs for investigation but no answers yet.
Very annoying​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I started a gran fondo training plan on Zwift. I ride the workout on the Kickr, end the ride, Zwift shows me the ride data, I upload to Garmin and Strava, and then close out everything and the app. Then later in the day I check to see what tomorrow’s (or the next ride is) and it shows the last ride (I accomplished this morning) still needs to be done. I rode 5 with no issues, but 6 & 7 didn’t show completion until I click “I did it!” button. Zwift is tracking my hours and mileage, just not towards the plan. Week two issues in an eight week plan. Bummer.
(Using Kickr, and using a new iPad with version 1.10.1(63586)

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Same issue. Only use an iPad. During week 10 of Build Me Up completed rides only show up in activities.

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Hi All, I am also having the same problem - been doing Build Me Up plan since mid-Jan and now the last 4 sessions only show up in activities but not checked off in the plan. Is there a solution/fix yet?
I’m using Core Kickr, and an Ipad with Apple TV.

Sounds very similar to my experience. Can see the activities feed in Zwift and in Strava, but in training plan they show as expired or not at all.

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Hi I have have just started having the same issue completed 9 weeks of build me up now with only 2 rides left in week 10 none of week 10 workouts have recorded as done yet the rides are showing in my activity on companion and all the data loads onto Strava. Using a Tacx Vortex trainer and there is definitely no issue with internet connection

Same here! Pressed “I did it” on tine and now escalation is not even showing anymore

Same issue here - workouts not registered as being part of the plan, iPad, problem has only occurred in the last few days, Build Me Up. Had to click the ‘I did it outside’ button, which is annoying. Hope they can retrofit so I get credit for the workouts.

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Zwift say …

Thank you for contacting Zwift.
I’m sorry for the trouble you are having with the workouts not saved as completed.
I’m happy to explain.

At this time, we’re aware of this known issue.

While we’re currently working on fixing it—please check the link you sent us, where you can find futures updates.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we get this sorted out.

Ride On.
Aleksandra K Member Experience Agent Zwift

Link was this (you can’t post linkable links in here).

Same workaround as linked a few posts above:

Same issue for me but in the TT tune up plan . Week 6 and last two sessions haven’t been accredited so it’s not limited to BMU plan . Wouldn’t mind but the plans recently got bloody hard

I am having the same problem, rides disappear… I used the “I did it” for the1st ride after it showed on Strava, disappeared on Zwift. Did a ride today, 2nd ride for 1st week and it recorded it as pedaling drills which it wasn’t. Now I can only see two rides on the first week of the plan. Something is messed up. The ones that went to Strava, don’t show on my build me up plan on zwift. Hope it gets fixed soon.

I finished the 1st week of the Gran Fondo plan, had to mark all rides manually with „I did it” workaround. Before they all the completed trainings reappeared as not done.
It’s really frustrating.

Same happens for me using the app. Is there any resolution on this as it is really annoying.

Mark - I am having the exact same issues. In addition to not getting credit for completing the workouts…the menu of available workouts changes (i.e. at the beginning of week 11 I showed a total of 5 workouts to complete then later in the week only 4 workouts were present).

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Zwift have replied on a different thread (there are loads on the same issue, obviously a bug affecting thousands of people!) to say they are aware of it and working on a fix. No eta though as far as I can see which is a bit annoying.

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This has happened to me every single ride this week. 5 rides in BMU. I’ve been trying to get every star in every section and today decided to sprint on my cool down knowing that getting no star for that section would not count. I will be clicking the I Did It outside AGAIN. Starting on week seven and hope this gets fixed soon.

Same issue here (but different plan: Gran Fondo) PLUS another one. Using Apple TV + Companion app.

  1. Training uploaded to Strava correctly, also training ride is in my activities feed in Companion app. But training ride does not retire the training session on the plan. Had to tick off manually.

  2. A remaining training that is still waiting to become active in Apple TV app, is already marked as expired in the Companion app.

Fingers crossed that this will get fixed soon. Thanks!