Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility

Please consider these improvements. I have in some cases just started the workout and let it run in the background prior to it expiring. I am on week 11 and on the last big workout and have to go out of town for biz. I will see if letting it stay open on my app will work for a couple of days so I don’t lose my last big ride


The workouts are great.
Also the plans are good.
But it is not flexible to plan the workouts or jump in your plan.

Because my work is not that flexibele I sometimes miss some workouts that I never can catch up with.
Also I combine Indoor zwift with outdoor biking. So I want to skip the endurance workouts, but do the intense ones on other days.

Proposal: Make an option where you can jump to a sertain day in your training plan and everithing is solved…

  • choice of workout (-> jump to that sertain day)
  • freeze plan because you have 1 week holiday. (-> jump 1 week back)
  • your goal (race day) is not synced with end of your plan. (-> jump few weeks forward in training plan)



Please Zwift - add this feature as mentioned above.

I’m soon heading home for Christmas Holiday and I’m in fear of losing my progress due to skipped workouts at the end of the schedule because there is no chance to train with Zwift. I don’t want to start all over again just for the last few of 12 weeks training plan…



I was starting week 11 of build me up, and then had an unexpected 2 week trip. Grrrrrrrr!!! Almost cancelled the trip. But my lady friend might have cancelled me :frowning:


I’m frequently away as part of my job. So I’m in the middle of a six week plan, but I’ll have to leave and when I get back my next workout is unavailable.

This is incredibly frustrating. Just finished a sprint workout and the foundation workouts over the next four days can no longer be done?

Is there any single reply from Zwift on this topic? Most of all, there should be at least some response from development team.

This inflexibility of training plans is a hot topic. We are not kids, and we really can take responsibility on our own schedule of our training accordingly. Training plans are supposed to help with that but not force my schedule. If I need to skip the week, for whatever reason, let me do it, and restart it later on. If I want to do next workout earlier, then don’t block me. It’s my decisions if I want to do so. It’s so annoying when I go to Zwift, ready to exercise and I only find out that my next workout is available in next few hours. So annoying. Training plan is supposed to be flexible guide.

Looking forward for update from Zwift.

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While I can appreciate the “there is no try” attitude consider this: I’m an older rider serious enough about my training to want a plan. I’m also serious enough to have purchased a Whoop to let me know when despite what I want my body needs a break.

For older athletes being able to add a day, two days, maybe even a week of active recovery/rest is not lazy it is necessary. Going too hard when my data says I need rest hurts my performance in the long run.

The flexibility to adapt my training as a coach would would be a huge benefit.

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Ok what i was saying inappropriate to your posting?
I was arguing that you just need a brain no app no cybernetic WTF.

if you are able to inject rest days togther with hard effort days in your routine you will see benefits in quite a short time. :wink:

Looking for a way around the flexibility issues like everyone else seems to be. I’m into the second week of ‘Build Me Up’, work and family life means that I’d like to utilise any spare time I have and complete sessions quicker than Zwift would allow me to sometimes.

The next session is available Tues night, is it possible to simply change the date on my laptop/iPhone to Wednesday and complete the session?


2 years and still not implemented - seems pretty simple request.

I’ve had to miss a wee through illness, would have liked the opportunity to pause to do the full training schedule.

Also some of us older folk sometimes need a bit more rest and recovery time between workouts, which makes it very easy to fall behind The Schedule and find that workouts become unavailable. Forcing people to a relatively inflexible training schedule is very bad practice, it makes no allowance for illness, recovery from over-training, or, as I said at the start, the greater recovery time required by us oldsters. Zwift needs to fix this.


This issue is like the antiquated 30 day PR limit. Crucially important needs that a management team should have implemented from day one (if they are cyclists…obviously aren’t cyclists). What’s even worse at this point is their avoidance in these discussions…crickets.

I’ve just started a training plan and can’t believe this feature is t an option. It really needs adding.

Theres loads of reasons for it and seemingly no reasons not to add the relatively small change in.

Hi Zwift!

Why not just have each individual session from a training programme available as an individual workout to choose under the workout area?

I’ve got a session due today, but circumstances enabled me to ride outdoors for the first time this month, so I chose to do that, meaning I will miss the session. But tomorrow I have an optional freeride! I would like to make up the session, but I can’t see how do this without downloading the workout and reloading it as a custom session?

The sessions exist anyway so making them available should be an easy functionality to add??



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Changes coming next month that will help somewhat:


Hey Mike, thanks for sharing this with the crew. I might’ve jumped the gun on timing (as I am also excited about this)!

Team is looking at it right now and it could be as soon as March, but could also be 1-2 monthly releases later. Currently in testing, not yet confirmed.


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Mark, didn’t they tell you on the first day, just say “coming zoon”!


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Is there a reason why the training plans force your week to start on a Monday? I race on Mondays and wanted to start my training plan on a Wednesday and make that the start day of my training each week.

Week 1 of the plan I started recently, initiated on a Wednesday, rushed me through all the workouts so that week 2 could start on Monday. I don’t see why this is necessary.

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Zwift…you really need to spend some of our subs on this issue. I’ve been using Zwift for years and this issue was a pain from day 1…and still nothing now?! People will start to look for alternatives if you don’t sort the basics.

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