Build Me Up Workouts Independent of plan?


We have recreated the workouts by hand which weren’t available, and downloaded the ones which are. All can be found here:
BMU non-timed link

Please note that we haven’t included the funny texts by Shayne Geoffney, and all rights belongs to GC Coaching! We did the recreation because we like the BMU plan, but some of us unable to follow pre-scheduled workouts. For the maximum effect, you should follow the scheduled (original) version! Also, the schedule available as pictures in the directory “Sorrend” on the link.

A word about the nomenclature:
BMU_W01D1 means Build me up (cpt. Obvious here :smiley: ) Week one, day 1 → Monday!
BMU_W01D4 meeans Week one, day 4 → Thrusday!

So the Week numbers are self explanatory, but the day number means the day of the given week (1st Monday, 2nd Tuesday, 3rd Wendesday, etc.). So when you see W06D5, that means a Thursday on week 6, if you follow schedule! If you don’t follow schedule, than just do the workouts one by one as it fits your schedule :wink: