Best way to navigate to Training Plan on AppleTV

I’ve not been using Zwift long, a matter of weeks, but I am following a training plan to get me started and improve my fitness into winter.

However, I seem to struggle to get to the training plan that I’ve signed up to and even more so to get to the week that I am on and even further the next workout in the plan.

There seems to be a lot of “key strokes” on the Apple TV to get to the training plan section, to find the plan, to scroll through the plan to find the week that you are on and then to find the workout that you should be doing next.

I understand that for some reason Zwift decided to remove the “plan” aspect from which workout you should be doing next on a training plan, which seems bonkers, if you want to follow a plan, follow a plan, if you don’t just select a workout.

Is there a better way to do this? Am I missing something?

Very accurate description. Super frustrating.

Anyone who uses an Apple TV w Zwift knows that the final experience is pretty cool but the Zwift gods must be in a good mood for everything to work correctly.

Adding several minutes of pain to get to where you left off w your workout does not help.

After installing a new Apple TV and signing in, Zwift did ask me if I wanted to pick up my workout where I left off. That was last time I ever saw that prompt. Guessing this is a bug.

Also, you can see Training Plans in the Companion app. Why not just let the user pick from there?


Will this be fixed? My wife prefers to follow a training plan, and is really annoyed that she loses 5-10 minutes trying to pick up where she left.

took me half an hour to select next workout in plan i was following yesterday.
i said more than “ frustrating “ !!!

( on one attempt ftp had increased by over 100… tip you can use me u from within a workout to re-set your ftp, without exiting and starting the frustration all over again !)

even more frustrating us being able on comps ion app to go to more-plan and see the workout you intend to do but nit be able to select it from there !

why cant the companion app do more ?

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Which remote do you have, the black one without directional buttons, or the silver one with directional buttons?

I have the original Siri Remote, the black one. I’ve turned down the response to the slowest and I even use my phone as a remote control at times. The UI still responds erratically.

The new remote with the directional buttons is a lot better with Zwift, now that the buttons are supported.

You can buy the remote separately, but depending on the age/model of your ATV it might even be worth considering buying the 2022 ATV given that it’s had a price reduction.

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Appreciate that, but it’s an expensive choice (comparatively) for an issue that will still be a long winded navigation route to resume a training plan.

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the black one, no directional buttons

Same here. Also when finally selecting the right plan, I can not select all routes. Only the one on the left side. Trying to select a route from the right list is not working, it changes to screen that is behind the active window

I’ve just ditched my Apple TV and started using my PC exactly because of the zwift workouts navigation issues on apple tv

This needs to get fixed. Before the latest UI update it worked just like every other platform and would promt “up next” as soon as you went to ride.

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