Cannot find next Workout for Trainingsplan on Apple TV

Hi There!

I just returned after about half a year, and saw the Zwift UI for the Apple TV was reworked.

I started a Trainingsplan, but cannot find the next workout on the main screen.

I guess I am simply blind - or do I really have to navigate to the trainings-plan again, and navigate to the next available workout there ???

Btw - navigation using ATVs remote control is a big pain … but this wouldnt be a real problem if the next workout to do can be found easily …


Usually the training plan will pop up after you login and before the UI where you can select events, courses or routes.

You can select a workout from the menu in a ride or you can see the training plan in full in the Mac at the top. From there you can choose a workout.

The ATV controls are shockingly bad. No other app has all these issues.

Well, no - the trainings plan does not pop up after my login - I come directly to the main screen on the apple TV. (That’s actually the reason why I posted in the Bugs section, as I consider this a bug).

Beside of that - shouldn’t the current “Plan-Workout” be very prominent on the main screen ?

Well then you should have written that it doesn’t appear rather than you can’t find it. :grinning:

I simply didn’t know it should popup before you told me …

… all I know is - it’s not visible anywhere … That’s why I said “I cannot find it” - because I simply might look at the wrong place …