AppleTV - Next Training not showing at launch - PROPOSED SOLUTION

Hi Zwift !

I used a powerful laptop during the pandemic and switched to a AppleTV 4K (2020) a year ago. I think the AppleTV 4K is so much better to the task when taking into account form factor, stability and updates. I confess, I’m not an Apple disciple but a Windows/Android teckky.

Not so long ago I might have found the biggest bug of all time with the AppleTV setup.
I’m not joking, I almost got crazy with this one…

When I’m engaged in a training plan, my next training does not always show up when I launch Zwift…

I searched for work arounds, thinked I was “badly registered” to my training plan, etc.
I told you, I was going crazy with this.

The solution I found was to reboot the AppleTV every single time, until one day I found how to “kill” Zwift before launching it again without having to reboot the unit.


  1. Enroll into a training plan
  2. Quit Zwift
  3. Reboot the unit (or “kill” Zwift after double-clicking the “TV” button on the AppleTV’s
  4. Launch Zwift
  5. Select the user doing the Zwift session (yourself)
  6. Select training gears (Tacx, Pulse, etc)
  7. Select the proposed training
  8. OPTIONAL : Start the training session as usual
  9. End Ride
    9 . This does back to user selection, select the same user (yourself)
  10. Select training gears (Tacx, Pulse, etc)
  11. Zwift does not propose any training session and goes to the main screen!!

PROPOSED SOLUTION: When a training plan is active, why not ALWAYS show up the selection window for the next proposed training once I selected the user and gears for the next Zwift session ? This way, there would be no need to reboot or “kill” Zwift every time !

Thank you for providing the “medecine” in the next Zwift update :slight_smile:

This doesn’t directly address your suggestion, but ‘killing’ (aka force-quitting) the Zwift app on ATV (or any mobile platform) actually seems to correct a number of issues. I would highly recommend you do this even if Zwift start making your next training session show up.

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