Next Training Plan workout not being shown in ATV without ATV restart

I use an Apple TV for zwift with an Elite Drivo2, it connects to the ATV with bluetooth.
I have a wahoo tickr also connected by bluetooth.

I have recently started (Mon 13th Feb) a TT-Tune up plan.

When I start up zwift on the ATV it doesn’t give me the option to do the next workout.
When i go through the training plans etc I can see I’m signed up.
The only way for Zwift to show me my available workouts and give me the option to start one is to restart the ATV and start up zwift again.

I have done training plans in the past without any issues (2 years ago) but I can’t find a way to make the workout available without restarting the ATV.

Any thoughts?

I’ve found a work around - I have to terminate the app from within the ATV (hit home twice on the remote, select zwift and swipe up to close it)
I can then open zwift again and it shows my next workout as expected.
It’s as though it only does an ‘update’ at start-up?

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