Picking a Unicorn

Hi. I have loosely been following the Build Me Up plan - but replacing with other workouts and racing. I’m new to zwift and finding my way in. I missed the purple unicorn and for inexplicable reasons, i’m now really keen on doing it. i can’t find a way to ‘pick’ it under workouts. is this normal for Zwift? So do I need to make my own ‘custom’ version of it manually. And on that note - can you ‘share’ custom workouts with other users? Cheers

Some of the workouts from plans are individually available, some arent.

Someone actually posted a link to all the Buildmeup plans that they had recreated so you could load as a custom workout - let me see if I can find that link.

In the meantime, you can quite easily create the individual ones yourself - use this link to get the plan details, and use Zwift to recreate (a few online plan creators also exist).

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Update: here’s the post from @Andras_Beck - I’m sure he will be happy for you to grab what you need.

Perfect. Thanks so much @Dean - and @Andras_Beck - that was exactly what I was looking for. Saved me a job this morning, and now have a load more options for workouts. All that’s left to do is now to actually complete it this afternoon…


I’ll second that. Thanks to all that worked on this and to @Dean for referencing that post. I’ve just started the BMU but like most folks, I’m off doing other activities at times and will miss workouts on occassion.

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