Creating your own training plans

I’ve read that you are able to create your own custom training programmes and even seen a screenshot of this feature shown on Zwift? However I don’t seem to have this option - is there a way for me to enable this?

Hi @J-P_Cyclo, I know you can create your own workout, but not an entire plan. You could create a lot of custom workouts however, and then do them as you wish, but a structured training plan in Zwift is not customizable to my knowledge.


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Mike is correct you cant create a Workout plan but you can create workouts and number them and do them in sequence.

see this for more info: Creating a custom workout

Hi thanks for your help guys, herein lies the problem though - I have read the instructions on the help guide but when I Select the blue “Training” button on the starting screen, then click or tap the text under the list of workouts that says, “…or create your own.” … I am not given the option of creating my own?

Please see attached screenshot?


What device are you running Zwift on?

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iPhone X

You will need to create the workouts on a PC or Mac and then sync them to the iPhone:

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