Do workouts from training plans individually?

Can I do a workout from a training plan on its own, without subscribing to the plan?



Most of the workouts included in our Training Plans are also in the Workout Selection Screen listed individually as well. You should be able to find similar downloadable workouts on too.

Here’s a guide to importing downloaded workouts if it helps:–Sharing-Importing-Custom-Workouts-zwo-files-

You can also make your own workout files to emulate workouts built into training plans you can’t locate by creating custom workouts:–Creating-Custom-Workouts

Let me know how that works out!

Same question here. Thanks David for posting three alternatives but none of them work for me.

i am using the iOS app or the Apple TV app and neither seem to support custom workouts or upload of workout files and a certain longer workout out of the Gran Fondo training program is not available as an individual workout. 

I’m sorry about that. AppleTV is the only device we support that doesn’t allow for custom workout import or building workouts. I’m afraid that in this one specific scenario, the only way to do the Grand Fondo workout is to accept the training plan.

As an alternative, I believe the AppleTV still allows you to connect with TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan which both have workout builders built-in.

You may want to suggest we make the Grand Fondo workout available as a stand-alone workout in our Feature Request forums, though. If our other members voice support for the idea, our developers like to scour that forum for new projects.