program workouts

How do i program my personal  workouts?

Hey Brian - 

You can build custom workouts while logged into Zwift by accessing the workout menu and clicking the link at the bottom labeled ‘…or create your own’. That will open a new workout file for you to build from scratch. You can also make changes to an existing workout to personalize it by selecting the workout, then clicking the white copy icon that appears to the right of the title.

The workouts are stored locally, so if you are building them on a different computer than you ride on, simply copy the folder ‘Workouts’ from Documents/Zwift onto a thumb drive, and paste it into the same place on your usual riding machine. 

Hope this helped!


Why is the workout tool only available in the game after I have connected to to the Trainer?

It would be much more convenient to browse or design workouts without having to be connected to the Trainer (sitting on the Sofa vs. sitting in the Garage :-))

I agree, it would be nice to be able to access the workout menu from any PC.

I second what Christoph says. I find it highly inconvenient to have first connect to my devices before I can create custom workout - it just does’t make sense. Usually one plans workouts for a week at the desk, and the executes. I don’t mind still using the app, but the workout menu should be accessible prior to connecting.

Christoph Merz is very right, please can we build workouts in the warm?

You don’t have to connect to the trainer to build workouts. After you’ve logged in to the app and you get to the pairing screen, just hit ‘e’ and you’ll get to the workout editor.


If the machine is in the shed, just download the app to a machine in the warm and do the same as above. When you’re finished, copy the custom workout files that you’ll find in your documents/zwift/workouts folder onto a flash-drive and copy them onto the same folder of the machine in the cave. If you can network them and share the files that way, even easier.

Thanks Steve C, I can now play in the warm, sweat in the shed

It does work on my mac now… 


Thanks Steve! Great tip!!!

I think they’re now saved on the Zwift server.  I created a workout one home computer, and found it on my laptop once I’d logged on under Custom Workouts.  Couldn’t be easier.