Link custom workout to profile, Not device

If we already have our own rider profile that tracks distance, achievement and more, why cant we link the custom workouts? Its drastically easier to make a workout on a computer but most of us link/ride through a mobile device.


Also should be able to copy an existing workout formula and be able to tweak it to our style rather than having to create an entirely new one from scratch

I run Zwift on a PC in my Garage running windows. I create custom workouts using on my home office PC. It’s then just a matter of copying the file via a usb stick from one computer to the other and placing the workout in the C:\Users\computername\Documents\Zwift\Workouts folder on my garage PC.

That said I mainly use Trainerroad workouts / plans as they are generally better thought out than the Zwift ones. Trainerroad has an offline workout editor where you can create your own workouts or edit existing ones, something I regularly do. I then run Trainerroad on my tablet and Zwift on my PC for some visual entertainment.

I run my apple phone to apple tv for zwift. I havnt come across a way to copy the file from computer to phone. I have seen its easy to copy file from pc to pc but I use the mirror feature from my phone to the apple tv because apple tv will not load more than 2 bluetooth devices. There is no way to copy the data file from the PC to the apple tv device either