Accessing custom workout feature from Iphone companion app

I’m trying to find the customer workout option under “Training” after starting zwift on my iphone, but it does not appear as an option for me. Is the customer workout option no longer available, or is there something I need to do to “enable” that feature.

IIRC you cannot create custom workouts via the phone app. You can download Zwift to a PC/Mac and log in, create a workout there, save it. Then next time you log in to Zwift on your phone it will be under your training library.

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ok, thank you for the clarification. sort of a separate problem… but when I log into zwift on my laptop, it goes straight to my feed/history and I can’t start any training from there. in short, I can’t seem to do anything from my pc/laptop account other than look at my feed and modify my profile. sorry to switch topics, but it is indirectly related to being able to do things like create custom workouts, start training from the laptop, etc.

You need to download the Zwift application to your laptop and has that to create a custom workout.

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Thank you. I mistakenly thought that simply going to, where I can see my activities, would also be the way to use/ride/start workouts. I stupidly didn’t realize that a separate app was needed for the pc. I’m loading the app now and will give it a try. thank you very much!