View my custom workout library away from the full app

As I sit here at work I want to review my custom workout library I have stored in my home zwift app (laptop)

Is there a way I can see what I have available to me, I may need to adapt my training plan based on time or feeling not so good. Would be great if I can access the custom workouts from a website to review my options later in the day.

Traineroad offers this basic solution.

Hi @Carl_Donaldson_GS_Me

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I dont know of a way in Zwift to do that. But what I do is I backup my Zwift folder to google drive. I have a batch file that I run after i ride that copy my whole Zwift folder to google drive, that way I can access my log and fit files from any pc.

are you able to install the game app on your phone? I rarely use the phone app for actual riding but it is a good way to create/edit workouts when i’m not near my laptop

Yes that works. Not ideal but better than nothing. Means you have to launch the full game. Better if we can view them in my.zwift or even add them to a Google calendar or something.

I agree - I think the companion app is under used in that respect.

being able to plan workouts in the companion app would be great, change kit, spend drop points etc