Sync Custom Workouts multiple computer

I would like to be able to create workouts on any computer and see them on another computer! As exemple, i would like to be able to create my workout planning for the next mounth on my computer’s work, and when i open my computer for training at home, i would like to see my created workout at my work.


Maybe Dropbox or another sync program can help you.

The folder “My Documents” is redirected at my computers. So they all use the same Dropbox folder. 

You can also use Junctions in Windows which is explained here:

I think this would be a great idea.

Workout files are tiny and I see no reason that the workout files cannot be downloaded to the device upon logon to any device (PC, iOS, Apple TV soon.

The current system is a little bit annoying for those using an iOS device where you need to get the ZWO file from a PC and copy it to the device.



Has there been any further thoughts on this from the Zwift team. I use multiple pc’s laptops and would like all my workouts to be saven within my zwift account. That way you could also create the workouts etc offline and add them directoly to the my workouts section on the website instead of just on the exe or app. I prefer to set things up before getting the bike etc hooked up. 

Agree with Jon H here.  Zwift is a revolutionary product, and this is an obvious blindspot.  Particularly as folks increasingly get dedicated CPU for zwifting.


Agreed.  Its very frustrating to create a workout on the PC and then discover its only on the PC.  I use AppleTV as my main Zwift platform so I’m stuck with the standard workouts until this feature is released.

What is the status of this now?