Backup Custom Workouts

Would like to see the custom workouts being backed up to my account (cloud).  I.e. when switching between multiple computers, they should sync bidrectionally.


My scenario:  i use a desktop machine with one trainer (fixed location) and a laptop with a set of rollers (portable).  custom workouts should be on both.  I also had an event where a computer crashed…installed Zwift on the new machine…but all the custom workouts are lost.  :(  sync feature would have solved both of these problems.  Hard to invest time in building workouts when they aren’t readily saved .


thanks for a great product

Please… I need that so much!

There are some easy ways to achieve this already, though we can certainly consider storing your ZWO files in the cloud as well for a future update.

If you have a Mac, just set up iCloud sync between devices. If you are cross-platform, you can just use GoogleDrive to sync the Zwift/Workouts folder. There are a handful of other apps designed entirely around cloud sync that do this well - and for free - already, which is why we’ve never prioritized it.


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Thanks for the response.  I am using GoogleDrive = now Backup and Sync…and this is a new feature which you have pointed out to me (Google will backup the documents folder (which ZWIFT resides in).

However…this does NOT solve the problem.  It IS backing them up which I am happy about.  But, it does not offer a means to sync the workouts into a second computer (e.g. my laptop).  Although i could manually download them onto the laptop (a solution which I was not previously in tune with), as of yet…Google Backup and Sync will NOT “sync”  or “restore” the ‘my documents’ folder onto a second machine.  But rather simply backs it up onto the google drive (i.e. the only way to access the back up is through Drive’s web app).  unless I’m missing something…there is also no way to automatically sync this folder into a google drive folder.  If i could do that…an additional stand alaone syncing software on the  laptop could push it back into the laptop’s My Documents/ZWIFT folder…allowing me to actually use those workouts while on the laptop away from the house. 

…this is all starting to get fairly convoluted (although more doable than i originally expected).


I did however…have the idea that if ZWIFT allowed you to designate the pathway to the ZWIFT documents folder (logs, activities etc) you could move the files and point ZWIFT to the local copy of the GOOGLE DRIVE folder.  seems like this would be simple enough…although you might have to move the prefs files or at least the directory indicator. Not an experienced programmer…but i have done this myself fairly simply even in visual basic


Understand the intent.  If one is to routinely use the workout builder and must work on multiple computers (which ZWIFT is already set up to do fairly easily), the workout files must be available on both machines when you log on.  As you point out …this could easily enough be accomplished with 3rd party syncing (e.g. google drive) or on your own cloud…But i think if this mod i described above were facilitated it could be fairly eloquent rather than having to push a third piece of software into the mix (the local sync agent).  In my experience…google drive syncs well…but anytime you add a third sync’er …i’ve always ended up with unwanted duplicate files/copies… and besides…i hate running additional software that isn’t needed…just steals more bandwith and processing time.


anyway…thanks again for the response.  love ZWIFT and think you guys are doing awesome keeping it evolving.


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I follow you now. I use a Mac, so I use iCloud, which will indeed *sync* folders, not just back them up. Google Drive only solves your back up issue. There are some apps out there for syncing across devices, but I’m always reticent to recommend something I haven’t used. And, as you said, it’s yet another program that’s going to use up resources.

We do have sync planned for the future but don’t have a date for it. Especially as we have more folks on mobile devices and the new Apple TV - where there’s no easy way to sync workouts outside of the game doing it for you. So definitely taking your feedback here seriously.


no worries.

thanks again.

Yes, please add this feature. I now use my AppleTV to run Zwift, but I miss custom workouts. I’d like to create them on my Mac, then run them on AppleTV.

I am in the same position as Ro - I use Apple TV and really miss being able to do the Custom Workouts I created on our PC.

Being able to log in and have my workouts there and ready to go would be a huge improvement.

I know it’s possible to import workouts from Training Peaks but I only have their free membership and don’t want to shell out the $20/month to TP just so I can do custom workouts on Zwift.


Do you have an update on this?

I made a 5w/12sec MAP RAMP test and would love not to have to use airplay mirroring and just have it on my Apple TV 4K.