Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility

Hi @John_Meredith_Lichfi, the latest update on March 16th made changes to the training plans flexibility. Now all workouts are released on Monday and the blackout period between workouts was reduced from 20 hours to 8 hours.

This should help most users schedule their weekly plan much better.

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Just added my comment so hopefully the algorithm gets to the top of swift’s development list.

Doing the 12 week build me up plan and been scheduled for cataract surgery next week and told no exercise for 7 days.

Would love to see additional flexibility. Pausing, maintaining, and extending are critical pieces of any training plan.

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Can we please open the flexibility of the day of the week a trading plan starts. This will appeal to greater numbers of people, increase usability, and ultimately increase Zwift subscribers and profit. Thanks

I wonder what the best way to get Zwifts attention is, clearly this is a problem based upon this thread, but it’s too easy for them to quit ignoring a single thread.


At least: please add the Off-Road workouts from „Singletrack Slayer“ „Dirt Destroyer“… to the workout library. There is a dedicated MTB chapter.
That would at least allow the user to do the workouts without time restrictions.
That‘s no big deal to include it there, as you have done it with other plans.

I have been doing the build me up plan… but have contracted COVID. There is no way I can ride right now. Zwift, we NEED a way to be able to pause training plans.

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I travel for a living, and I can’t always have the same schedule. Some weeks I can get in two or three rides, but other weeks it’s only one. Please let me pause my training plan so I can pick it back up. Yes I understand that it isn’t as effective as if I was able to keep the training cadence up, but it’s a lot more effective than feeling the plans are useless and losing even that motivation to follow them.

I think (and please don’t hurt me if I’m wrong) that we’re looking to bring in the ability to pause training plans in 1.24 (our next update).


I’m quite sure almost all the plans are now available as individual workouts, so just use that and dont lock yourself into a plan in the first place.

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Halleluja! We got it. It took only 3.5 years. But anyway - thank you Zwift for this feature.

Thanks for the Plan improvements but it would be nice to be able to really plan around our schedules. Zwift please take a look at Trainer Day and the Coach Jack training plans and how you work it around your schedule, ie: days, hours, intensity, etc, to get a tailored plan to you. Well, well worth a look at how they all should be doing it! Thanks and hope to see more improvements soon!!

This is a huge missed opportunity for Zwift. People have jobs and schedules and don’t typically have the flexibility needed for your plans, which don’t appear to take that into account like other plans do. At the very least, the long ride should be on the weekend when people have more time.

Have you looked at the training plans recently? There is no structure. You can do them however you like.

Thanks David, indeed I didn’t notice that. Is there direction somewhere as to how to string them together to achieve various goals?

They’re still organised by weeks, so you can follow those. Depending on fatigue you could add in an extra east week if needed.

Within each week, it’s up to you.


I don’t see any way to pause a plan in the companion app. It’s this yet another thing in a long list of features missing from the companion app?

Just don’t do any workouts :blush:

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yeah, what @David_Galbraith said… no need to pause it, just skip them… I think you have up to 2 weeks?