New settings for Elite Novo Force

ahhh sorry, I misread your previous mail! I thought you had Misuro. Anyway, see you on Zwift, bye!!!

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Hi Guys,
based on some plots available in internet, I’ve compared speed/watts plot for 8 and 5 level Elite trainers. If your suspicions are correct, we should use 5/8 resistance using an 8-level elite trainer.
Below graph with all 8 level curves for 8 level elite trainer and yellow “X”'s for 3/5 resistance. It looks like correct resistance is somewhere between 5/6 but in 150 - 400 watts range it’s quite well fit for 5/8 curve

Below table with comparison of watts per each 8 levels and 3/5 level just to show how much using zwift recommendation 3/8 could be distorted.


@Bambo_W, this is some proper benchmarking, thank you for putting this together! This Zwift community amazes me.

I’ll use 5/8 from now, although I think I just lost 30w of FTP. At least it keeps me honest and I prefer having a good surprise once on the real roads :wink:

Ride on everyone!

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Hi to all, same here, have Elite Novo Force with speed and cadence sensor and after a couple of weeks in Zwift my FTP is 362w with 5 w/kg. Definitively too high. I’ll try with 5/8. Thanks


Hey guys, has anyone investigated this a little bit further? I’ve been playing as well with different settings on the Elite Novo Force.

I did a test by programming the power curve at 3/8 into my Suunto watch in order to generate the wattage, and by running it in parallel with Zwift the given wattage was exactly the same as the one from Zwift. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that Zwift is using the power curve 3/8.

Then, maybe the power curve given by Elite is too optimistic, but it is what it is. I did again an FTP test this morning with the 5/8 setting and it was pretty brutal. I only averaged 2.2 W/K on a 20 min test. I’m not an extremely well trained guy, but I’d say I’m quite fit, so maybe my perception of wattage is completely off. Based on feeling, the most “real” setting to me is 4/8.

Any thoughts on this?

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Hi Jordi, i agree with you, after few days i am pretty sure that 5/8 is not the correct settings, i have compared zwift data with my strava real routes.

With 3/8 my FTP is 360 (20 mins), now with 4/8 setting is 280. I’im waiting for my new kickr core (it will arrive in the first days of May) so i can provide you more information comparing these results with the kickr power meter.

I think that the correct setting is something between 3 and 4, let me say “3.5”.

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Hi Guido, yeah, I kinda agree with you. I redid an FTP test (ugghhh) with the 4/8 setting and it went up to 200 W, which is around 2.77 W/kg. No idea if this is realistic or not, but the actual speed in Zwift felt more real, as well as the effort.

I’m curious to know your feedback once you perform the test with the kickr core. Keep me posted please!



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My friend,

Where did you get this figures from? I found only two graphs, and they are a little bit different from your findings:

For setting 3:

For setting 6:

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Hi All,

Today I’ve got my new Direto X. A week ago I performed FTP Test on Novo Force 8 at resistance setting 3 and it was 313. Today, using Direto X it is 245 and I felt much more effort than last week.

Best regards,


Using setting 3 on Novo force 8 is definetly wrong. The question is: what setup is right?

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Hi!!! I am 54 yo, and well trained. After some tests in my Elite Novo Force, and comparing to some friends (watts, heart rate, cadence), definitely, at least 5/8 is adequate to me…

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Hi Rodrigo, use setting 4/8. I think that @Jacek_Flis answer is the most indicative on the setting to use.

313 - 245 = 68 watt (difference between setting 3/8 and real measurement with Direto X)

Actually i’ve lost about 60-70watt passing from 3 to 4/8 setting.

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Hi, i m using the novo force 8 and pair it by the speed sensor. Like said before seems there are two novo forces, one with 5 and one with 8 resistances, it is likely that the zwift algorithm is for 3/5 and not 3/8. I compared the data from zwift with my cycle computer ones for virtual power / wheel speed (on golden cheetah, curve below comparing with The curve seems to overestimate compared to the reference curve of the Novo force with resistance 3/8, so this roller does not seem correctly configured but zwift overestimate. I m trying to look for different setting from different trainer input configuration with same 8 magnetic levels from elite(mag force 8?).
I`ve try to use 4/8 level but heartrate are 20-25 bpm higher at same power, and watts seems to underestimate, probabibly the best should be like said before to have something like 3,5/8.
Anyone trying to compare with power meter if the zwift data is wrong and how much?


Hi. I using setting 3/8 and my power on zwift is too hight (i have 8 speed trainer). Maybe seting 3/5 is ok for 5 speed trainers. Look at compare power resistance betwen P5 and P8 elite nowo force trainers.
P5 - 3/5 set - 30km/h - about 300W
P8 - 3/8 set - 30km/h - about 220W

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Based on the data I found on this table from zwift forum topics, I set up my elite novo force 3/8 connection as an elite power mag 3/8, It is more realistic, in term of watts and hearthrate, for me this is the best setting.


Hi to all! Finally my new setup is complete :grinning:


Now, after few days and some tests my FTP is about 290 watt so it’s pretty close to my previous FTP done with the 4/8 settings of the Novo Force (280watt)!!

Now i’m waiting to race some time trial events, probably i will increase the FTP up to 300 watts. But as i’ve said before this prove that the 4/8 settings is the right one to use.


Is the latest zwift update, April 30, change the curve power of Elite Novo Force? I´ve the old one with only 5 levels and from the last update i find my power output reduced in 40w average ±

Is there any chance to use the level 2 to equal the old level 3? If there was a change, it was made for the new Elite Novo Force with 8 levels, to use the level 3, the old one using the level 3 wont output the real power curve in level 3 as well.

Many thanks for this thread and the effort to equal the power curves from a bunch of old classic trainers.

Hi! The same happened with me.

I did a 20+ min climb on the road a couple weeks ago, and the estimated power on it was around 280W, or 4 W/g for me. Then I changed my trainer resistance level from 3/8 to 4/8 and did the Zwift ramp test to compare and it gave a 287 W FTP. I did not go full gas on the test, but still it seemed much more realistic than the 380 W FTP I had on Zwift before. And I believe the real world climb could have gone faster if I had power meter data on my bike. Bottomline, 3/8 definetely wrong, 4/8 perhaps closer to reality.

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so should we be going back to level 3 now, (some update pushed?) i really coudlnt get 135 cadence at 265watts with the training plan, so noticing it may all be a waste of time. Also once i wind up the resistance levels, how will the speed sensor and cadence sensor tell zwift i’m now going 800watts and not 450 for example on a sprint? (massive guess on watts as the chart was higher up) Im really interested to fix it, as i have only just had this a month of so, and been enjoying so much, but i think i need to go get a direct drive trainer, as its all been a lie. lol

I set 12 blinks and the zwift recognize speed.
My trainer is Elite Novo Force 8 with Misuro B+