Which Elite Novo Force 8 resistance level should I use?

Hello, guys

I have an Elite Novo Force 8 trainer, and I’m not sure which resistance level I should use.

All the Zwift pages say I should put on 3 out of 8, but actually they refer to the trainer that has only 5 levels. I haven’t found anything about the 8 one.

I used it without a power meter, just speed and cadence, and the Zwift values appear quite inflated to me.


Hi @Renan_Do_Couto

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Do your trainer have the Misuro B+ unit?

I have found this page to help setup the trainer,

I also found this one that state you need the Misuro B+ unit.

Can you give me the link to the Zwift page stating to put it on 3 out of 8.

Elite has so many trainers. :crazy_face:

I’m sorry, there isn’t actually a page that states to put it on 3 out of 8. They all say level 3, but they all seem to refer to the 5 level Elite Novo Force (including this one you sent me the link and the Zwift app for my iPad).

I’m not using the Misuro B+, I have speed and heart rate and will be installing a new cadence sensor shortly.

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I don’t think they differentiate between the one with 5 and 8.

I think you will be fine on L3, it look like most Elite trainers is on L3.

I don’t think so… It was giving 5 W/kg today, I little bit inflated for my level! =D

I was checking some power curves, the power curve of the tacx Blue Twist is very similar, we’ll try it tomorrow and compare.

Hi there, just started on Zwift for a week with a Elite Novo Mag Force with 8 levels with cadence and speed sensor. Using level 3/8 definitely overestimates my power, I tried 4/8 and it looks more realistic.

@anon52402085 any better recommendation? Using the Tacx Blue Twist power curve instead while keeping 3/8 or the Novo Mag Force?

Thanks and ride on everyone!

I use Wahoo cadence and speed sensor in my Elite Novo Force 8. Setting 3/8, following the manual, is unreal. I started using 5/8, but now 4/8.
Elite does not have good documentation explaining the different settings.
Thinking about changing to Saris H3.

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Thanks Sergio for the reply, looks like we are not the only people struggling as I found this conversation: New settings for Elite Novo Force
In other words, looks like Zwift implemented the Novo Mag Force 3/5 levels, but not our Novo Mag Force which has a total of 8 levels…for now I’ll use 4/8, not perfect but it is what it is.

It could be helpfull New settings for Elite Novo Force - #42 by Bambo_W