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I have an Elite Novo Force trainer, according to Zwift, the use of it is only at level 3, out of the 8 available. Is it possible to impelement a extended configuration for example the level 6? It would be really helpful because with the level 3 you have a pretty high cadence even in the highest gear.

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Hi @Sebastian_Hormann

The Elite trainer names in-game may not match the exact name of your trainer. This guide to pairing Elite trainers on our Support site might help you get squared away.

Hi @shooj

thank you for the fast answer. I know that I have to set my elite roller trainer to level 3 for the Zwift Trainer Selection. The problem with level 3 on the roller trainer is that the resistance is very low. This gives me a very high cadence even at low power despite the highest gear on the bike. Now my question was, if it would be possible to implement in Zwift another level, for example 6. This would give me a higher resistance on the roller trainer and I would not have to work permanently with a high cadence. I know I could put my roller trainer at level 6, but my wattage would not be comparable anymore.

I think this post shows exactly what i need:

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I don’t recall Zwift implementing higher resistance curves for other trainers, altho it has been ask a few times.

I think this is due to the accuracy of these trainers.

If you have a road bike with a 50-11 gear ratio then you should be able to produce around 350w at 90RPM. With a mountain bike it will be lower due to the wheel size and gear ratio.

Zwift uses their own Power to speed curve but it should look something like this.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport

thanks for the fast respond. I have a mountain bike with the following tire 32-622 (28x1.25) means that I have to choose the tire size 700x32c in Zwift.

I found a level 6 Power to Speed ​​curve for the Elite Novo Force.

Would it be possible to implement this Power to Speed ​​curve in Zwift so that you can choose between the two levels (level 3 or level 6) when selecting the trainer?

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Zwift actually did their own test in house to determine the power curve. I am not a Zwift employee so there is not much I can help with.

So keep this as a feature request. But I don’t think Zwif has any trainer with high resistance settings most are 3 or 4.

The gearing on a mountain bike is not made to go very fast, so that may also be a limiting factor.

Options would be to look for a supported trainer with a higher power curve, most fluid trainers go up high, look at the website where you found the curve for your trainer.

Or you can invest in a power meter (like powertap wheel), then you can use any resistance setting.

Or a smart trainer.

can someone tell me how many blinks i have to set on misuro B+ (elite novo force)

Hi @Nemanja_Jokovic

These should be helpful.