New settings for Elite Novo Force

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I have the same issues as you with Novo force and misurob+, i ll give back misuro to Amazon and I’ll get wahoo speed and cadence, thanks!!


Ho letto che molti avete avuto problemi con il sensore misuro b+… Anche io ho preso un Élite novo Force 8 e ho lo stesso problema. Con il programma élite va mentre in zwift rileva sensore senza però indicare potenza o velocità… Grazie del suggerimento e buona pedalata a tutti

The elite novo force in level 3, the watts reading on zwift are way off, I would like to change to 4, but I see that there is no option in zwift (like in trainerroad) to change the resistance.
To have an example in level 3, I hit 300 watts easily while In trainerroad, or the elite app, at 280 watts Im struggling a lot (my ftp is 280)
With that selection , I think I have a big advantages on races online, cos, the trainer is giving me watts that I dont really have.
Any workaround on this?


I still don’t understand what level are you using on novo force?

I have exactly the same problem. At level 3 I get non realistic watts. I easily ride for 90 minutes above 3x which is not definetly my performance. I decided to change to level 4 but my feeling is that even at level 4 the amount of watts I read on zwift is too high. Any idea if Elite changed the resistance at level 3? My view is that with current setup the watts are at least 1.5x times higher than real

I changed to 4 on Elite keeping 3 on Zwift… in my view it is still too generous with me…I am considering to change to 5… but I would like to get opinion from someone that has power meter to confirm it

HI, elite didnt change anything, I use also trainerroad, and the readings are better, do you have the powercurve of the trainer? I can send you the excel file, to see the estimate watts given by elite.

I use elite on level 5 and zwift in 3. When i choose other trainer’s my watts are 3 times lower


if you have the excel file it would be really beneficial. Can you send it to me on my address (mauro.carobene@) thanks a lot

Like Sasa, I use my novo force level 5 (considering going to 6) and I think that the watts are “closer to the truth” this way : this feeling is based on rides with friends who have smart trainers.
I’d like to be able to rent a real powermeter to make a comparison/calibration by myself…

Hi @Katy_Walker,
just one question. Even if you’re using speed and cadence sensors, the power detected by Zwift still depends on the manual resistance level (1-8) of you trainer, right? Which value did you choose?

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Hi @Andrea_Matera

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when selecting your trainer Zwift will indicate what setting to use.

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Thank you @Gerrie_Delport

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Hello, I changed my Misuro B+ to position 14 and using the manual level in the trainer to 3 and it seems is more realistic comparing with the Elite trainner Mobile Application, Zwift appears to works well. You know if you are climbing it is not real the watts that you are applying. It should good to change the level and the curve manually in Zwift as it has in teh Elite application to be more realistic.

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Hi @Andrea_Matera,
Same question here as I have a 8 levels Novo Mag force and I use a speed and cadence sensor. Level 3 for me definitely overestimates my power. I think 4 is more realistic. Looks like Zwift implemented the level 3 power curve for the 5 levels Novo Mag Force, but didn’t implement any power curve for the 8 levels model🤔… So for now I use level 4/8 on my trainer.

If anyone knows better I’d be more than happy to hear :+1:

FYI another conversation on the topic:

Hi @Zhong_Lin,
actually I’m using the misuro b with the Elite Novo Force 8. Unfortunately, the only reference I have for comparison is the mobile app by Elite MyETraining. I compared the output power values of the MyETraining app (setting the misuro b on 1 blink) with the output of Zwift (setting the misuro b on 7 blinks, 94mm, and adding the sensor as power sensor). I did this comparison for different resistance levels of the trainer and the one for which the values of MyETraining and Zwift are the most similar seems to me the resistance level 3. If I set the resistance level 4, Zwift gives me about 50-70 W less than the app by Elite…


Hi @Andrea_Matera,
That’s super helpful, especially as I have no reference and not using the Misuro! Thanks for sharing your “study”!! :+1:
So maybe I’m simply 50-70W stronger than I think I am :grin:

Hi @Zhong_Lin,
Well it is also quite likely that the MyETraining app is giving too high values… actually I have no idea since, as I said, that app has been my only power reference for the last 3 years :frowning: . Do you also have that app? ‘cos in that case you could try to do the same test just to cross-check…

Anyway, I’ve been regularly riding mountain bike for the last 3 years (approx 50 km/week, yearly average). I don’t have much time so my training are usually short but intense. I did the FTP test yesterday (I almost died) and I got 240W… honestly I’ve no idea if that’s a reasonable number

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Haha my hopes of being stronger than I thought just vanished then😅.

Unfortunately I don’t have the Misuro, so cannot do the same test… Last year I went to trainings at the gym with bikes with power meters (oh, lovely era before Corona), and I estimated my FTP at 220, which is what I have now on Zwift with the trainer at 4/8. For now I’ll keep it as a reference and work from there, the importance is the relative improvement although the true numbers might not be exact without investing in a “proper” trainer :+1: Thanks again for sharing Andrea! Ride on everyone

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