Turbo Resistance - Elite Novo Smart

I’ve read a few threads regarding this but haven’t found a solution…

Using Elite Novo Smart trainer.

Is there any way to increase the base resistance on Zwift? I’m constantly riding in my hardest gear 52/11 and having to ride at a ridiculously fast cadence to put out decent watts on the flats. Sprinting is nigh on impossible. I have the Trainer Difficulty at 100% and the hill resistance is better - but I’m only having to drop down a couple of gears and never into the small ring.

It’d be nice to increase the overall resistance to be able to sprint on the flats and to have to drop down more on the hills




I’m seeing discrepancies between what you’re reporting and what we’re seeing our database, so I’m going to follow up with you via the email ticket you opened.

Keep an eye on your inbox, and I’ll be in touch!