Novo smart trainer losing resistance on steep gradients

Hi guys. Hoping someone can help with this. I have had my novo elite turbo set up for 8 months now and not had any problems. Over the last 2 weeks the resistance seems to cut when the gradient get to between 7-10%. It will the. Click back in as the gradient comes back down. Any ideas what the issue might be? Any help would be appreciated. Taking me longer to get up these hills :joy:

Hi Peter,

That’s an odd issue. If the resistance is cutting out only between 7% and 10%, that seems to be a clue that perhaps there’s an issue with the trainer. Higher percentage gradients require a higher degree of resistance, so logically, if you’re only having a problem when the resistance is increased to higher levels, it could be a tension issue with the trainer’s resistance function.

Have you contacted Elite Cycling Support on this matter yet? If not, I recommend that you do so.

I’ve also experienced this issue with this trainer. The hardware can only simulate up to 6 % on this model. When it gets the command from Zwift to increase above that rather than hold at 6 % it just won’t act on the command and resistance will reset back to 0 %.

I wonder if Zwift can change their coding for this model so it’ll hold at it’s maximum when ordered to go above limit?