I do not appear in the results

Last night I finished a 55km race. At the start of the race while everybody scrolled forward I understood my sensors had jammed. had to unclip and fix them. Took me 4minutes to restart. After that I did a hello of a race but my name does not appear on the results. Please help
The event was the 3R endurance series p/b ote sports

You were DQ’ed for using Zpower trainer (not allowed):


What is a zpower trainer? I have no clue. What is the difference? I use an elite novo 8

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Here’s a thread that discusses the Novo - basically its an inaccurate trainer and whilst you cant use a setting that can be be close, 3R dont allow them. Most race events will DQ Zpower devices if they take out podium positions as users can game the system.

More from Zwift that highlights why Zpower devices can be so variable and therefore why organisers dont accept them…

But it does not make any sense. Since zwift accepts this trainer and the basic setting is indicated why would someone want to steal himself. I had 175bpm all the way for 2hrs. I even started the race 4mins later and still did not quit. How immoral are those people. They are sick. Who told you that all are kids and cheaters? Personally I am really driver champion and know well what it means to win and struggle and don’t give up. If you want to be sure of cheaters make an algorithm that will detect silly people. Totally unacceptable what you are doing. Having not invested 1000s of euros does not make me weaker than you nor a lesser cyclist. Wake up.

Nobody is saying you’re not working hard. Point is, at present Zwift is only estimating your power output and it’s highly likely to be inaccurate. That’s not a problem when you’re just training and monitoring your own progress, but it means you’ll be disqualified from almost all race results. Because as soon as you start comparing your power output directly to others, it’s not accurate enough.


Thank you for your kindness and overall handling. I will try to upgrade either trainer or a power meter. By buying a power meter I guess they would not ask me a different trainer isn’t it ?

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Either a power meter or a smart trainer (with a power meter inside) will do, yes. A smart trainer also gives you variable resistance controlled by Zwift - so hills in the game feel harder and require gear shifting - which is why many people prefer this option to get the most from the Zwift experience. They’re not cheap, but you don’t need to buy a top of the range trainer to get the benefits.