Elite Novo Force 8 and Misuro b+ configuration


I’m trying to set up trainer Elite Novo Force 8 and Misuro b+. I want to user level 5 + on my trainer. I’ve found some information here, that I should use 7 blinks and level 3 on trainer, but Elite forum is saying to use 1 blink only. When I’m using 1 blink only I have info only about cadence, but when I’m switching to 7 blinks all data seems to be not correct (to high). What I’m doing wrong? :wink: Thanks in advance.

So the Elite’s orientation is to set 1 blink, but… the Misuro b+ is free and you should use it as a real power meter ok? Why not? I recommend that you set 7 blinks to do it, but to be a more accurate measure and more real wattage use the 4 level in the Elite knob (if were using the Novo force 8, with 8 levels… have fun!

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I have the same problem SWIFT shows way too high WATTs using Novo Force 8 with Misuro b+.

The Novo Force 8 instructions have a table showing for which trainer you should use how many blinks. The trainer looks like the one in the instructions recommending 5 blinks (Power Fluid). How come you use 7 Blinks (integrated Fluid)? I am very unsure how many blinks to use.

The other question I have is: The resistance on the Trainer should be at level 3 for all the time I am racing, right? Can I change gears with my bike though?

Looking forward to understand this. Many thanks in advance! Happy to have a community here.