Elite Novo Force 8 and Misuro b+ configuration


I’m trying to set up trainer Elite Novo Force 8 and Misuro b+. I want to user level 5 + on my trainer. I’ve found some information here, that I should use 7 blinks and level 3 on trainer, but Elite forum is saying to use 1 blink only. When I’m using 1 blink only I have info only about cadence, but when I’m switching to 7 blinks all data seems to be not correct (to high). What I’m doing wrong? :wink: Thanks in advance.

So the Elite’s orientation is to set 1 blink, but… the Misuro b+ is free and you should use it as a real power meter ok? Why not? I recommend that you set 7 blinks to do it, but to be a more accurate measure and more real wattage use the 4 level in the Elite knob (if were using the Novo force 8, with 8 levels… have fun!



I have the same problem SWIFT shows way too high WATTs using Novo Force 8 with Misuro b+.

The Novo Force 8 instructions have a table showing for which trainer you should use how many blinks. The trainer looks like the one in the instructions recommending 5 blinks (Power Fluid). How come you use 7 Blinks (integrated Fluid)? I am very unsure how many blinks to use.

The other question I have is: The resistance on the Trainer should be at level 3 for all the time I am racing, right? Can I change gears with my bike though?

Looking forward to understand this. Many thanks in advance! Happy to have a community here.

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I recommend, as Gabriel already mentioned above, to set-up the Misuro B+ with 7 blinks. This seems reasonable since the circumference of the Novo Force 8 wheel is equal to the circumference of the Integrated Fluid wheel.

For Novo Force 8 you should set your trainer to level 5. This is what several guys in this Forum did calculate. Although a few people prefer level 4, what makes you a little stronger than you are.

And yes, you can definitely shift your gear if needed. This has no impact on the calculation but saves your knees :wink:

Best regards.

Hi Antohony,

This configuration is an option, not oficial or factory setup okay!

So in the manual the correct is use one blink only, this config will give to you an simple speed count.

You will need to set your tire circumference and put the roller control set only in “3”;

To emulate an result, again: this is not a factory set-up, I’m indicate to user’s put Misuro on 7 blinks, adjust the roller on level 4 and make zwift scan again.
A new setup will be generated which a “controllable” roller with a direct power meter could be used.

That’s it, keep sure that are nothing wrong with your roller or stroke, use as you can, and get fun!
The result appears more realistic and the “suffer” too, isn’t perfect, but much better than original resources that Novo Force with Zwift could give to you!

Thank’s Rafael

For most users I do recommend use level 4, because they probably just bought your first roller, with first experience, maybe first bike too…
So level 5, to ride more than 1 hour should be a future target… I don’t want to see any heart about to blow… kkk

Let’s ride!