Elite Novo Force 8

Hello everyone,
I use Zwift with an Elite Novo Force 8 resistances and a Wahoo RPM speed sensor. And when I use the setting 3 as Zwift tells me to, my power/speed is way higher then outside. I’ve read a few times that this does not only happen to me, but no one says what to do : should I put a higher setting (resistance level 4 or 5?) ?? Did anyone do the test with a power meter ? Because for the moment my ftp on zwift is higher then 5w/kg which is what the best do… This could also come from the fact that I’m lightweight which seems to be an advantage in Zwift.
Thank you so much for your responses.

Read this, i have the same problem

Thank you ! I’ll try this out tomorrow and see if it matches with my outdoor speed.

Hi, im using the novo force 8 and pair it by the speed sensor. Like said before seems there are two novo forces, one with 5 and one with 8 resistances, it is likely that the zwift algorithm is for 3/5 and not 3/8. I compared the data from zwift with my cycle computer ones for virtual power / wheel speed (on golden cheetah, curve below comparing with powercurvesensor.com). The curve seems to overestimate compared to the reference curve of the Novo force with resistance 3/8, so this roller does not seem correctly configured but zwift overestimate. Im trying to look for different setting from different trainer input configuration with same 8 magnetic levels from elite(mag force 8?).
I`ve try to use 4/8 level but heartrate are 20-25 bpm higher at same power, and watts seems to underestimate.
Anyone trying to compare with power meter if the zwift data is wrong and how much?