Missing Zwift custom workout activities on Garmin Connect [December 2022]

In the past week I have had a couple of Zwift rides that haven’t synced with Garmin Connect.

They have saved in Zwift / Companion app and all rides have synced with Strava with no issues.

The common theme between the two in question is I have started a ride with a custom workout which I have skipped through the final workout interval and free rode afterwards. One activity was 1hr 47m and the other 19m so I don’t think time is the issue. It seems like a bit of a coincidence and I might try and reproduce this now I have a theory. Anyone else noticed this issue?

Check if your sync connection is still on, try removing it and set it up again. Any Zwift activity should sync to Garmin connect if the connection is active. Doesn’t matter how long or if something is completed or not because Garmin can’t know about this. It just takes everything sent by Zwift. Though, on my side, since I have linked both accounts, it always synced unless Garmin servers were doan, but otherwise everything is in…

If I wasn’t clear 95% of my rides are fine and sync perfectly with Garmin so there’s no issue with the connection between the two. In the nearly 2 years I’ve been using them together I’ve only experienced the same system issues / Garmin server down which affects everything.

What I am reporting is a bug where a small minority of the rides don’t sync. This is a very recent occurrence. I’ve yet to test my theory but will try and do this tomorrow.

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I did this this evening and had the same issue. Custom workout, skipped the last couple of segments and rode on for a bit and it didn’t sync.

I did a free ride this morning which syncd fine so it does work the majority of the time.

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Can confirm the same here, custom workout and skipped at the end. Didn’t upload to Garmin Connect.

@shooj enough evidence to mark it as a bug?

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Thanks for reporting the additional repro’s. I’ll note that sessions in a custom workout are the common thread, and will ask that we dig into the logs, etc.

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I can provide a log if it helps

Custom Workouts as in created outside of Zwift or in Zwift.

@gloscherrybomb Do you skip workout blocks?

I did yesterday when I encountered the problem, so this could be a common thread. Custom workout (with 3 hours of repeat intervals, you quit when RPE gets to 9).

On Sunday I did a custom workout but completed and did a free ride after, and that uploaded fine, so skipping intervals seems to be the issue.

@gloscherrybomb, I found that if you wait a second between TAB’s it save fine.

In the past the .log file also got affected by TABing fast, it would create HUGE .log files.

Different question, is there an easy way to end a workout prematurely and carry on riding?

Not that I have found, I just TAB to the end (TAB with a short wait).

But that would be a cool feature.

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Yeah it’s a pain when there’s loads of intervals to skip!

O yes, I know.

That is why I have 3 different Z2 workouts. only difference is the duration.

So when I know I have a lot of time I start the long one or if I only have a hour I pick the short one.

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Thank you - I pulled your most recent game logs from the server. I found one where you did a custom workout, so pretty sure that’s the one in question.


I did one on Sunday and one on Monday, it’s the Monday one (3m repeats).

I grabbed the Monday one.

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Thanks everyone for confirming it is an issue for others too. Knowing to slow down the interval skips will help in the interim.

For some more context, if I download the fit file from the Zwift website for the activity, then try to upload it to Garmin connect on the web, it fails. If I run it through the corrupt time fixer on fitfiletools, it then uploads fine.

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i have a workout of one block so i can load that and then just have one block to skip.