Missing Zwift custom workout activities on Garmin Connect [December 2022]

if i download the fit file from zwift and try and upload it manually to garmin connect it errors
if i run it through here FIT File Tools and use the corrupt time fixer it then uploads

if anyone needs a very boring and tedious workaround!

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but then you loose all the XP for that workout. :scream: :sob:

only the same as skipping the remaining blocks

edit - or just make a short workout and ride it if you really care about 5 XPs for a 15 second workout

No you don’t get XP if you don’t get the star, so if it is small blocks you get stars up to the point where you started skipping. But with one big one you loose everything.

I meant that i have a workout of a very short block that i load when i want to exit a different workout and then i just have that one block to skip and not all the remaining blocks from the previous workout

also i’m getting close to the 750,000 ceiling so XPs are relatively meaningless anyway!

Nice workaround for some missing functionality!

welcome to zwift!

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