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Not sure if it is on the Zwift or Garmin side, but my workout last night did not pull through to Garmin connect, and a friend has reported the same this morning.

Anyone else seeing the same?

mine from the morning is there, yesterday i did two, the morning one didn’t sync to garmin connect but the evening one did.

It has always been a bit hit and miss with me

edit - i do 2 rides a dat 3 of the last 7 days only one of them loaded to garmin connect

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Just done a run and it’s come straight through for me.

I have known of delays previously though.


Tangentially related: I’ve stopped direct linking Zwift to Garmin.

Reasons include glitches like you’re describing, but even when working perfectly:

  • activity aerobic/anaerobic load doesn’t show for the specific ride (I’m told it gets included in overall load)
  • the map you get in Garmin is nonsensical anyway
  • most Garmin Challenges won’t account for distances and elevations in Zwift

My solution is to double-log using a Garmin Edge and Zwift, then do a screen cap of the saved Zwift event in the Companion App, attach it to my Garmin logged activity and edit distance and elevation of that to match Zwift.

Basically, there’s no way to get all data perfect in both so I prefer to keep my physiological data intact in Garmin and Zwift on the side.

Thank you for attending my TedTalk.

EDIT - adding that this only takes about 20 or 30 seconds. I want my training metrics correctly updated in Garmin Connect so this isn’t a big deal to me. You could simply ignore the distance and elevation discrepency and NOT edit those but your Zwift and Garmin distances wouldn’t match.

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that seems like a massive pain to do that every time


Still not pulled through. Super annoying as it basically means my Garmin data is junk for the next X days.

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you could download the fit file and upload it manually as a workaround

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Can you do that in the connect app, or only on the Web?

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you should be able to, that’s how i pull my secondaries for duals. i do it from the app on my laptop but i don’t see why garmin connect would work any differently on a phone. go the activity then settings then export original

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I don’t think you can upload an activity on the garmin connect app on a phone.

you can do it if you use the browser on your phone - go to, download the file, then go to connect and upload it.

I did just try with one that didn’t upload and it wouldn’t load the fit file - i wonder if something is wrong with the fit file which is stopping it syncing? I tried on both my phone and my laptop and neither worked.


Interestingly i ran the corrupt time fixer on this site:

and then it uploaded so i think there may be dodgy time data in the zwift fit files which could be stopping them uploading


Did you see the other recent thread?

h t t p s://


Link as above

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i misread the question, my bad.

there was a firmware update very recently that i haven’t bothered installing yet (edge 830) which may or may not have something to do with it, my garmin connect is still working fine although i don’t directly connect it to zwift so i probably wouldn’t encounter this regardless.

in the meantime you can also just pull a fit file from zwiftpower from your activity tab. it doesn’t need to be from an group event

This one can be closed as captured in the other thread.

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