Zwift workouts not going to my Garmin!

I use a garmin for my calorie tracker, and an overview of how many miles I’ve done this week between running biking and swimming! The Garmin connect app also tells me how hard the training I’ve been doing is affecting me! And my workouts haven’t been connecting to my Garmin from Zwift! I disconnected and reconnected, and it still didn’t fix the issue!

Ever? That’s weird. It should be automagic. I’ve had sporadic episodes that rides didn’t go to Connect, but they could be counted on both hands and one foot over the years I’ve ridden.

I also use Strava, and either Strava or Zwift feeds to Connect. I can also download rides from Strava (or Zwift) and push them manually to Connect. Strava has a free membership, so I use it as a backup in case things go sideways. Strava also provides some limited ride analysis too, and more for paid subscriptions. Good luck fixing this. (email Garmin. They may be able to help. I’ve found their support very helpful in the past)

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