Zwift to (again) Garmin

Hi, I’m pretty new here and I’ve checked many messages in the forum but I can’t find a right answer. Quick and easy question: How can I connect my zwift (with wahoo) rides to Garmin? The link works with Strava but not with Garmin. I have all my records in Garmin and I don’t use Strava but I guess that I have to change my mind if I don’t get a solution. By the way, I use a Forerunner 735XT but I think that it doesn’t matter.

Thanks in advance,

My wrong…

Can you give more info about what exactly isn’t working when you make the connection? Are you getting an error or something?

You can try another web browser. I remember I had some difficulty making the connection at first as well, but then I tried another browser an it worked fine. Or maybe try it in private mode. I think it was a cooking/session issue.