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I think you’ve (probably inadvertently) highlighted a big part of the problem with the current process, @DavidP , that I and others have gone over several times in other bug report threads - there’s never any feedback.

If an issue has been acknowledged internally within Zwift, then I would expect the issue to be moved to “known issues” so that it was clear to myself and others that the issue was being looked at and had been acknowledged. This is a reasonable courtesy I think and part of a normal feedback loop, but would also prevent (or at least reduce) instances of duplicate issues being reported/logged. It would also allow the customer-facing report to have the associated internal ticket ID assigned/attached to it, so that follow up is possible.

Some bugs are acknowledged, tracked, fixed and notified. Some are acknowledged, tracked, fixed and not notified. Some are acknowledged, tracked and remain forevermore. Some are never acknowledged but are randomly fixed one day. Take your pick, mix and match as appropriate. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, at least on this side of the fence. Then there’s the entire ‘known issues’ board/process, which is a mess and doesn’t even attempt to summarise current issues in any sort of concise format. You may be shocked and surprised to learn that such a thing has been suggested before. It’s pointless mate.

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We will never be able to and probably wouldn’t want to, provide a full list of outstanding issues. It’s not manageable.

FWIW I’ve been chatting with one of our QA Managers about how we better manage Community driven triage.


Looking forward to a “Won’t fix” board getting added alongside Bugs and Known issues…


Nor is it reasonable to expect such a thing, I certainly don’t and I doubt anyone would argue. You clearly must have it internally though… I hope.

With the summary I was referring to major current and/or newly observed issues. Most of them are reported by the userbase within hours of the game update being released. We then get days or sometimes weeks of the same questions over and over, creating work for the mods and not helping those who don’t frequent this forum daily to get good quality information, quickly and easily. Then there’s the game update release notes, which often only tell half the story and need the likes of Zwift Insider to elaborate on.

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That’s a key point in this thread: the people on this forum are in the (often vocal) minority.

I assume Zwift staff are well aware of all the of the issues - from the Companion App UI inconsistencies, to in-game oddities etc. My getting frustrated won’t change a thing. I’m a lot happier just enjoying the game for what it is and not wishing it were something else. (EDIT - I love the game, ride almost daily and will continue to recommend it to people)

A lot of the threads posted to the forum - particularly from new users - (“This is the first time xxx has posted! Let’s welcome them!”) are a direct result of bugs, and UI inconsistencies. The fact you can’t find and filter events using native tools and have to use community tools like ZwiftHacks’ Events page, and Zwift Insider’s RoboPacer schedule are evidence of this.

I feel I’ve done my part by creating the original Resource Megathread (now a Wiki all should be able to edit). I’m less and less compelled to engage on the forum, at least vis-a-vis questions that spring from bugs and an inconsistent UX/UI.

Happy to chat about Easter Eggs, Pain Caves and so forth.


Without that I’m not sure we would function as a business!

In case it hasn’t been said already = thank you. We’re really grateful for your hard work (and that of others, some mentioned in this thread).

In an ideal world, there would be no bugs, but we have to try and balance a mix of new functionality, fixing higher priority bugs, whilst also remaining financially viable (it’s worth noting I have no visibility of our budget, just talking from a common sensical point of view)

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How re you getting on with this @James_Zwift @DavidP ?

If you’ve read the list, can you let me know which of the bugs you consider to be “won’t fix”, and which you consider to be “low priority fix”, and which “normal priority fix” please?

I’ll tag you on each of the posts so that they’re in your update/notification list :+1:

I think you can pretty safely assume that any of the reports that haven’t received any response from ZHQ are an implicit “won’t fix”…

So… all of them :sweat_smile:

Yeah, welcome to the club. I can’t remember if any of the umpteen bugs I have reported myself got any further, so nowadays I barely even bother. (For comparison, Hammerhead and RGT have promptly fixed at least the most annoying ones I have reported, with Zwift I wouldn’t even really know where to start.)

Why would you say this, do you have any insight that you want to share.

Zwift have stated on the forum before that they do read the forum posts and they have an internal list of bugs that they are working on and prioritizing. They don’t have to confirm that they seen every post with a bug that they already know of.

so why reply to any?

If they reply to some and not others you can see why people are confused and might assume they are working on ones with replies and ignoring the others.


That’s exactly what good customer response would look like. If you don’t acknowledge bug reports, you will get less bug reports and deter people who take the time to provide quality reports. This is already happening.


Do you know how many “bugs” get reported dayley and how many duplicates. Zwift does acknowledge the showstoppers.

But thinking that they don’t know about them just because they don’t have an auto reply saying “Thanks for reporting we will add it to the que” that is so far of the mark.

I assume they have a list of things that need to be worked on, why not just reply when it gets added to that? otherwise how is anyone to know if things have been noticed or not? is it worth continuing to post about it or not?

People will keep on going and going with or without a reply, we have seen it many times.

This thread question have been answered in the first 10 posts but it is still going.

But at least people would know it is being worked on or had been noticed.

I’m at the point now where i can’t be a**ed to flag anything i notice because it is a pointless exercise.

If i knew someone had at least acknowledged it and thought “nah, doesn’t break the game, not many people care so it can stay as is” then at least i’d know.

So I tell you now it has been seen if it has been posted. There are many many eye on the forum. You only see a few names here.