Garmin HRM no signal [SOLVED]

Adding to the discussion here. Looks like lots of good detective work by the users! I’ve screenshot a number of possibilities. Will reply if any work. But just should Zwift have their eyes on, my set up is Tacx Neo 2T, iPad Air running iOS 12, and Garmin dual hrm. These worked with my kinetic trainer last winter, so I upgraded my trainer looking forward to using Zwift again this winter, but I am unable to get he data in game, only no signal. Have tried many of the possibilities in this thread already with no success. Have also emailed the Zwift experts to see what they’ve got. Fingers crossed and will use my Fenix for now(good idea that). Cheers!

Hi Community,
Thanks for your comments as it saves time.

Setup: IPhone XR (ZC+Garmin APP) +AppleTV (Zwift APP)+Kick Core+Garmin HRM DUAL+Garmin 830 Edge.

My setup has been working for 2 weeks and then stopped. Garmin Edge has been reading and after the issue still reads the Heart Rate from the HRM.

Tried commented stuff (not IPhone reset), reviewed IPhone Health stats/privacy, update to 14.3 with no solution.

Disable the “connect with Zwift Companion” in the AppleTV Zwift APP, so the IPhone does not work as a Bluetooth bridge and now Zwift APP shows heartbeat reading!. Start the ZC after pedaling (BTW, In Settings–General–Companion: I disabled Mobile Data; to force ZC use the same network = WiFi).
Did a training for 1hrs and worked properly.
Will keep an eye at this forum as hopefully someone will be able to reproduce the issue and find the proper solution.

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Hi everyone!
I will add tonight’s experience to the mix in case it can help someone else.

Thanks @Orinucu_River for the idea to not use the bridge connection via the companion app. Tonight I made sure my android phone would not see the Garmin dual HRM and then turned on my Apple TV. Without the connection via the companion app, I was able to connect the Kicker Snap and cadence sensor, but when I tried adding the HRM, the Apple TV could “see” it and I could connect, but got no signal. I then unpaired the cadence sensor and tried to connect the HRM instead. That worked :astonished: !!! So then I thought the cadence sensor probably wouldn’t pair (since that would be too many things for the Apple TV), but strangely, it worked. The cadence sensor also paired and I rode my workout without incident. All data came through and uploaded at the end. It makes no sense to me, but I am just going to take it and run – or take it and ride! We’ll see whether it works tomorrow…

Edit: As I posted already below, this did not work again. Sigh.

All - Had the same issue where my Garmin HRM-DUAL was working fine for months and then mysteriously stopped presenting the BPM # on the device (ZWIFT, WAHOO, etc…). Did everything folks are sharing and the only solution is to reset the device to factory settings (iphone/ipad/etc.) and start from scratch - yes, reinstall ALL your apps. Not sure what drives the conflict, but it’s not a ZWIFT or WAHOO issue… Hope this helps and thanks to those that shared their experience and solve!

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Hi @Tay_Catlett,

Does that mean that you have to reset and reinstall once and then everything is good again? Or reset and reinstall before each workout?
After being able to connect and ride just fine on Sunday, I tried the same procedure yesterday and it didn’t work :frowning_face: . The next thing I guess I will try is the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM that should hopefully pair itself and cadence to the AppleTV . I wonder whether the Wahoo Kickr Snap pairs to the TV as one device or two? Sigh. It was so nice when everything just worked…

I just factory reset my iPhone and manually installed the apps today and my GARMIN HRM-DUAL now shows BPM#. Hoping I don’t have issues in the future so will be careful as I install new apps and grant them certain permissions… but will only know with time. I changed some permissions in relation to my health devices and apps on my iPhone, not sure what it was…, but thinking that could have caused the bug. I don’t run ZWIFT through apple TV, so I can’t speak to that. Good luck and hope it works out.

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Viiiiva HRM - I have used one for years w/an Apple TV. It’s awesome!

Whatever is bridged from the Viiiiva will count as one connection. If you have an ANT+ power meter on your bike and use the Viiiiva, the power meter and HR will be via the same single Bluetooth connection.

The Snap connecting directly to the Apple TV is one connection, even if you use it for power, controllable, and cadence.

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