Garmin HRM no signal [SOLVED]

I created a 5ghz wifi network. Connected my iPhone XS and same thing. Connects to Garmin HRM but no signal.

is there any ways you can use windows 10 laptop to try? I’m using windows 10 laptop. And android for the companion…also tplink dual band router, and magene hrm. this is my config. it’s been working so far

i‘ve got the same issue with the hrm dual an the iphone xs (14.2). all of a sudden it says „no signal“. i have the same issue with the tacx app on my iphone. when using the zwift or tacx app on my mac everything works fine. therefore i assume it‘s an iphone issue

Hi, same here. To begin I did a full restore after reset and still didn’t work, but when I did a full reset and manual restore of just wahoo and zwift apps, it worked. Clearly there was conflict with another app that I had on my iPad that resulted in the issue.

Restarted iphone. still same issue. Network reset. still same issue. I then wrote Garmin to ask if they are aware of any issues. According to their feedback the hrm dual never worked with iphone/zwift :thinking: What a lousy support

Something I have not tried yet, since I have not wanted to stop my HRM working again since doing a full reset, is to reload the Garmin Connect app. A long shot, but since it is an app that could compete with the HRM it might be worth a try to delete that app (if you have it loaded) and see if it makes a difference.

IMHO it is not an iPhone issue because it works with my 6S model but it doesn’t work anymore (it worked for a month and than it stopped) with my iPhone XS model. It could be the Garmin app as Gordon said.

Interesting because on my iPhone XS where I also have the Garmin Connect app installed it doesn’t work anymore but it continues to work without any problems on my 6S where there is no Garmin Connect app installed.